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Facebook, Twitter passwords stolen: Here are tips to protect your account

In the latest spate of online data breaches, more than 2 million Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web services have been stolen and circulated online. This massive online data theft has prompted both the social media companies and security experts to take actions.

NSA surreptitiously taps into Google’s, Yahoo’s data

The National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly tapped the communication links that connect Google’s and Yahoo’s overseas servers. By doing so, the NSA has managed to copy vast amounts of emails and maybe even sensitive information from the data centers of these two giants.

Hacking horror for Truecaller!! Syrian Electronic Army guilty?

Leave the precious databases alone! Hackers are at it again, folks! The Syrian Electronic Army takes a peek into the Truecaller database. The crowd sourcing of Truecaller has been hacked.

Yahoo ends logins with Google or Facebook on its Web services


Many online services allow their users to login through their Facebook or Google accounts but, this facility will no longer be available for Yahoo users, as the Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo Inc says it wants its users to enter its various online services using only Yahoo credentials.

Will Yahoo rattle social stories with Qwiki, the multimedia app?

Yahoo goes shopping, folks!! After grabbing Tumblr down and some other smaller startups, Yahoo gets Qwiki under its wing. The multimedia app, Qwiki, is an addition to Yahoo’s acquisition tear.

Yahoo desires Tumblr! Ready to catapult into top flight web firms!

Yahoo is bouncing back, folks! Its catapult time for the tech giant! The Yahoo Board is keenly eyeing the blogging platform site, Tumblr, and is ready to shell out $ 1.1 bn. This will help push Yahoo into the bracket of the top flight web firms. Marissa Meyer is at her best, people!

Spring cleaning at Yahoo as cluster of products nipped!

Phew! People, she is one smart lady! Marissa Mayer “sprints” up higher to take Yahoo to greater heights by her latest works.

A new search engine tailor-made for tablets is now up and running

Could Izik be a threat to Google on the iPad?

We are so familiar with Google that the news of another search engine coming up to take on the search giant may seem laughable.

Facebook and Yahoo to unite for a new search engine?

Facebook and Yahoo are reported to form an alliance and work on a new search engine.

Scary Logins: Worst Passwords of 2012 — and How to Fix Them

In a year loaded with password breaches – Yahoo!, LinkedIn, eHarmony and, among others – SplashData Reveals Its Annual "25 Worst Passwords of the Year" List