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Are we carrying way too many gadgets?

Phew!! This tech stuff is sure dragging people down!! It’s a well known fact that most tech lovers are unable to let go off their gadgets but some people may be taking way too many devices on their morning commute.

Chinese paper denies Beijing’s hand in cyber attacks

‘People’s Daily,’ owned by the ruling Communist Party, has termed the recent claims that China may be behind the recent worldwide cyber attacks as “irresponsible.”

'Dead Awake' set for theatrical release

Los Angeles -- New Films says it has acquired the worldwide rights for "Dead Awake," a movie starring Hollywood's Rose McGowan, Amy Smart and Nick Stahl.

The film is described as "a seductive supernatural thriller" set against the backdrop of a "mysterious tragedy that shattered (the characters') lives a decade ago and which sets them on a path to uncover the truth that lies between the living and the dead," the movie's producers said in a synopsis.

"Dead Awake" is set for release in U.S. theaters Dec. 3.

The overall deal was finalized by Ron Gell, New Films chief content officer, and producers Jason Price, Lucas Jarach and Anthony Gudas.

Turkish court to reinstate ban on YouTube due to offensive content

Few days after lifting the ban on YouTube Turkish court on Tuesday ordered to reinstate the ban on Google Inc.’s video sharing unit as it has refused to remove the offensive video content from its website, across the world.

Red yeast rice supplements' ingredients vary widely

The proportions of active ingredients vary widely in different formulations of red yeast rice supplements, reveals a recent research.

New gum flavors coming to market

Chicago -- American chewing gum manufacturers will introduce new products to capture larger shares of a $24 billion worldwide market, industry-watchers said.

One new product will contain vitamin C, and another can change flavor as it's chewed, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Newcomers include Kraft Foods' Stride Shift, which changes flavor, and Trident Vitality, which will contain vitamin C when it is released next year; Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights offers flavors such as chocolate mint chip, and key lime pie.

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Holiday weekend showers moolah on box office

New York, December 28 -- Box office collections for the holiday weekend made history, when Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, and Alvin and the Chipmunks raked a colossal receipt of $278 million in U.S. and Canada alone.

James Cameron’s “Avatar” expects unbelievable opening week

New York, December 18 -- James Cameron’s most anticipated project, Avatar, is expected to make more than $75 million at the U.S. and Canadian theaters this weekend.