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SimCity 5 free trial begins January 25!

A new Sim City awaits you this month for a free trial

If you've been dying to get your hands on the newest SimCity, you need not wait too long.

World Of Warcraft loses 1.1 million loyal subscribers

Activision Blizzard has disclosed the video game had 9.1 million paying users at the end of June. That is down from a high of more than 12 million two years ago.

Professor plans 'Warcraft' book

Irvine, Calif -- A University of California, Irvine professor said she is working on a book dissecting online game "World of Warcraft" from an anthropological perspective.

Professor Bonnie Nardi, an anthropologist and professor of informatics at the university, said the book started when she received a $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation last year to explore why U.S. players of the Blizzard Entertainment game are more likely than Chinese players to modify "World of Warcraft," the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Monday.

Nardi said she spent countless hours in Beijing cafes and other parts of China studying how Chinese players approach the game.