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Fired IT guy swaps CEO’s presentation with porn content

Imagine working hard on a computerized presentation. On the D-day at the time of presentation, you shockingly notice the 64-inch screen feature porn content instead of your work.

Daytime nap helps recover from stressful events--study

Facing too much stress at work? Taking a nap in the middle of the day could help you recover from psychological stress and maintain good health, a new study finds.

12 Reasons Employees Quit

Leaving a job can have great impact on an individual’s life. Sometimes it can lead to better opportunities. Sometimes it can jeopardize the individual’s financial status.

Chipotle Co-CEO Monty Moran on Overseas Expansion and "What Really Makes Chipotle Work"

 Last week, The Motley Fool hosted Chipotle (NYSE: CMG)co-CEO Monty Moran for a one-hour live chat with readers. Moran has been co-CEO of the fast-food burrito chain since January 2009, during which time the stock has run up more than 300%. Chipotle makes food based on its "Food With Integrity" philosophy, which emphasizes locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. 

Woman spots, follows stolen car

Jacksonville, Fla. -- A Florida woman whose car was stolen from her home spotted the vehicle on the road and followed it until it crashed into a creek near her work 20 miles away.

Daniel Block of Jacksonville said his neighbor, Brianna Farley, asked for a ride Thursday when she discovered her car had been stolen, and they spotted the pilfered vehicle on the road after dropping Farley's child off at school, FirstCoastNews reported Friday.

Block said they called police while following the vehicle to an apartment complex and the car nearly collided with a friend of Farley who was driving in the same area.

Key to happiness: stay focused

Staying focused can keep one happy as a new study published in ‘Science' states that people are happier when they are completely involved in their work, compared to when their mind is always wondering while performing a task.

Record donation for celiac disease work

Baltimore -- A record $45 million donation for research into celiac disease has been received by the University of Maryland, school officials say.

Researchers at the university's Center for Celiac Research said the donation for work on the autoimmune disease came from the family of a grateful patient from India, the Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

The donation is the largest single gift ever received by the UM system, the newspaper said.

Center Director Dr. Alessio Fasano said the donation would be used to create an institute eventually employing up to 200 doctors and researchers.

Spud sculpture made for Potato Day

Alingsas, Sweden -- Representatives from Sweden's potato industry said they are celebrating Potato Day with a work of art created from eight varieties of spuds.

Margareta Frost-Johansson of Academia Solanum Tuberosum, the Alingsas potato academy, said artist Emma Karp Lundstrom was hired to create the 16-foot by 8-foot potato collage for Tuesday's potato celebration, The Local reported Tuesday.

"We want to promote the potato in all its forms -- culinary, cultural and now artistic," Frost-Johansson said. "We have recruited Emma Karp Lundstrom to strike a blow for the potato on Potato Day."

The potato academy, which created Potato Day, was formed in 2008 by representatives of the industry to promote Swedish spuds.

Pension delays likely not over in Britain

London -- The Department for Work and Pensions said a proposed increase in Britain's pension age was not the last planned increase for the country's retirement age.

A document released after Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne reviewed his budget proposals for parliament members said, "The government will also bring forward further proposals for future increases to the State Pension Age to help manage the ongoing challenges posed by increasing longevity," The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

The government had already announced plans to set the retirement age for men and women at 66 by April 2020.

The current proposal would affect 5.1 million people and save $47 billion by 2025, the Department for Work and Pensions said.

Empowering Your Child to Pick His Career

If you have thorough knowledge about your child’s interests and personality traits, you can play a crucial role in assisting them to choose and pick their career.