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windows vista

Shamoon malware steals and wipes data after corrupting computers

Security specialists have detected a malware that steals files from infected machines, then renders several computers on a network unusable by overwriting their master boot record. They suspect it is being used to target attacks against specific companies.

Windows 7 becomes the fastest selling OS; 350mn licenses sold

Windows 7, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft, has become the fastest selling operating system after Microsoft sold more than 350 million licenses of Windows 7 in 18 months of its release.

Apple surpasses all in PC satisfaction survey

An economic survey, The American Customer Satisfaction Index, conducted by the University of Michigan has found that among computers Apple tops the list in consumer satisfaction, followed by Dell and then Acer and HP.

Microsoft forwards Window 7 as an apology for Vista

Los Angeles, October 4 -- Windows 7 has been unveiled by Microsoft that is hoping it will remove the blemish that Vista brought from people's minds.

Windows 7: pass or fail with the CIOs?

New York, September 26 -- Windows 7 is being released on Oct. 22 and as the expectations run high, the morale goes low. Are the CIOs of major companies ready to take the leap?