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Healthier body image aids weight loss -- study

If you thought that engaging in weight loss programs based on diet and exercise were enough to shed those extra pounds, here’s more. According to the findings of a new study, a ‘feel good’ rather than critical approach to body image is what expedites the weight loss.

Weight loss makes you smarter--study

Losing weight might not seem tedious to the obese anymore, as a recent study reveals that weight loss improves memory and concentration.

Less stress, adequate sleep helps shed weight--study

People trying to lose weight will not get the desired results from their diets, unless they catch enough shut-eye at night, claims a new study.

Chilli cakes, chocolates to burn off calories

Ever imagined losing weight through chocolates and cakes? Well, mouth-watering desserts to help people shed flab is soon going to become a reality.

Indoor gym aimed at dogs

Scottsdale, Ariz. -- An Arizona gym catering to canines says its aim is to help clients with weight loss, nutritional counseling and other aspects of healthy dog living.

Arizona Dog Sports in Scottsdale offers services from a team including professional trainers and a holistic veterinarian aiming to improve the quality of dogs' lives through health and training, The Arizona Republic reported Monday.

Layne Kizler, the gym's founder, said the idea came from other dog owners discussing the need for an indoor, air conditioned facility.

The gym offers basic training as well as special skills including smell tracking, herding and swimming. The facility also offers massages for canines as well as canine playdates and relationship building.

Harvard study finds obesity contagious

People in contact with Obese people rea t a higher risk of becoming obese

A recent Harvard study has predicted that obesity figures in America are likely to reach 42 percent before stabilising.

Lifestyle interventions may help reduce burden of obesity--study

Although obesity is a chronic condition with no 'quick fix' solution or effective treatment, a new study claims that lifestyle modification including physical activity, healthy diet and structured weight loss programs, can result in significant weight loss for overweight, obese and severely obese adults.

Tongue patch' may help in weight loss

Los Angeles -- A California plastic surgeon says his surgically applied tongue patch makes eating uncomfortable, causing people to eat less and lose weight.

Dr. Nikolas Chugay has begun performing what he describes as a weight reduction procedure dubbed the Miracle Patch.

"This patch contains no drugs or chemicals," Chugay says in a statement. "It simply makes chewing solid food very difficult and painful, relegating the patient to a physician supervised liquid diet that fulfills all of the patient's nutritional needs while at the same time minimizing caloric intake."

Consumer Reports identifies 'dirty dozen': 12 risky supplements

Dietary supplements have always been acclaimed for the numerous benefits they confer. By just taking the pills and powders one may get a dream body, shed unwanted pounds and be empowered with the unending vigor to gain an edge in sports or in bed.

Low-carb diet better for heart than low-fat diet

When it comes to fighting obesity and shedding that extra weight, low-fat diet and low-carbohydrate diet are equally efficacious. However, when it comes to heart risk factors, low-carbohydrate diet is definitely more helpful.