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Golden shower sprinkled on Earth by dead star collision ?

Ever wondered what that goldenish glow in space is? Researchers on Wednesday said that smacking collisions years ago, between dead stars may be forging all the gold we have on Earth.

American women, kids fatter than they think--study

According to a new study, obese women and kids tend to underestimate their weight, and majority of them are fatter than they actually think.

Turning up thermostat may make you fat--study

Gained unwanted pounds this winter, and wondering how? Your centrally heated rooms could be responsible, say researchers.

Neck circumference gauges childhood obesity better

Body Mass Index (BMI) has hitherto been touted as a potent tool to screen obesity. However measuring the circumference of a child's neck may well come across as a better way to screen youngsters who are overweight and obese, results of a new study show.

Childhood obesity on rise in US; parents deny problem--report

An increasing number of kids are obese or overweight in America but their parents deny this fact, claims a recent research.