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Facebook bids iconic much loved ‘Thumbs up’ goodbye

Once again Facebook revamps one of its age-old features, this time it’s the “Thumbs up” logo! Our eyes commonly search for the blue white thumbs up “like logo” whenever we want to appreciate something on Facebook, but now it’s time to wish this iconic much loved “Thumbs up” sign a good bye and watch out for the new redesigned logo!

Facebook disappointed by hashtags ?

Oops Facebook, you are not as lucky as Twitter it seems! The hashtags maybe a rage on Twitter but seem to be letting down Facebook, folks. They just don’t work that well on this social networking website. They remain a fun strategy for Facebook rather than pay off says the study!

"No" CISPA! Reddit, Craigslist, 300,000 more sites firmly refuse bill

Don’t sacrifice privacy without improving the security, yell the Internet activist organizations. These are pleas made to the Congress as the CISPA, the controversial cyber security bill, sees the light of the day again.

Hacker group Anonymous attacks Iran

After attacking several Sony websites early last month, Anonymous, the clandestine hacker group, has announced its plans to target Iran Sunday.

Beware! Websites can now track your IP address

With the help of a new online tracking system, websites can now track your location without your prior concern.

Porn webistes to get .xxx domain

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has given its nod for the creation of the .xxx domain for pornographic websites.

Google alters ranking algorithm against low quality sites

Being under fire for letting websites manipulate its search engine, Google Inc. has now launched a massive attack on such sites producing low-quality videos and content. The search giant is tweaking its own search ranking algorithm that will rank poor-quality content pool lower than original ones.

Expedia stops sale of American Airlines tickets

Expedia Inc. has said that it will not be selling tickets online for American Airlines. The announcement is the latest in the ongoing feud between the Airlines and online travel agencies.

US shuts down sites offering pirated and counterfeit goods

After cracking down websites offering pirated movies, the U.S. authorities are now targeting dozens of websites providing links to pirated music and counterfeit products like watches and sports goods.

Google says no to data import; primarily targets Facebook

Google Inc. on Friday announced that it will no longer allow social networking giant Facebook or any other outside service to have access to users’ information on Gmail.