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Bug hunters grab whopping $ 1 million through Facebook

Wow!! That’s what we call going overboard. Facebook’s generosity spells a whopping amount of $ 1 million, which has been handed over to security researchers, who highlight the bugs on its website. We have another piece of news for you – India is the second biggest receipt of the social networking giant, confirm the reports!

Hacker attacks Apples developer website

A hacker had a sneak-peek into Apple's developer website! lets you video-chat with dead people!

It is not a site that can make somebody immortal, but it is certainly a site which creates virtual avatars of the dead so that their kith and kin can interact with them even after they are no more.

Maps App shake-up? Google snatches away niche service, Latitude

Google gets into action again!! Updated version of the Android Maps app has been released by Google. The result of this updating was the conclusion of Latitude, the niche service. The announcement for this updated version was made at the I/O 2013 developer conference.

Facebook’s new mobile offering! News delivery with new format?

Its mobile offerings time again for the social networking giant, Facebook!!

JP Morgan becomes the latest hacking victim

Banking giant JP Morgan Chase was off the internet this afternoon owing to distributed-denial-of-service attack.

Samsung snatches advertising rights from notorious piracy website

A popular website of Vietnam, Zing .vn, providing unlicensed local and Western songs, by the method of downloading has been deprived of advertisements of Samsung and Coca-Cola. Online piracy is being carried out uncontrolled and unchecked in Vietnam, it seems Samsung and Coca-cola have decided to pull their advertising from the Vietnamese region.

Now, pay to increase post visibility on Facebook!

"Facebook is free and always will be," but conditions apply, says the company!

Hackers attack Sony Ericsson's site in Canada

Sony acknowledged Wednesday that Sony Ericsson's eShop website has been hacked in Canada and personal information of about 2000 users has been compromised.

MySpace fading out: 10mn users quit in one month

MySpace is declining and it's declining fast. Despite attempts to rejuvenate the social networking site, MySpace is losing users.