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Volunteers shave heads to fight childhood cancer

In an event that is not only uplifting and inspirational, but also a show of solidarity for childhood cancer patients that lose their hair during treatment, many volunteers shaved their heads at Medford Elementary School’s fifth annual “Shave-a-Bration,” a St. Baldrick’s Foundation Fundraiser.

Pain resolves guilt in humans, study finds

Human beings associate pain with atonement and it lessens their guilt about immoral acts, according to the findings of a recent study.

More cold-stunned sea turtles rescued

Norfolk, Va. -- Volunteers in Virginia and North Carolina say they've been busy rescuing cold-affected sea turtles and finding them temporary homes in aquariums.

A sudden onset of freezing temperatures has caught many of the creatures too far north and left them lethargic and unable to move.

"I think the temperature's just dropped so quickly that they haven't gotten out yet," Christina Trapani of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center told the (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot. "They should be going somewhere warm."

Cold weather stuns some turtles every year, said Mark Swingle, director of research and conservation at the aquarium, but the number of turtles this year is "a little unusual."

Thinking about eating could help dieting

Pittsburgh -- Thinking in great detail about eating the foods that make you fat could make you want them less, U.S. researchers say.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh asked volunteers to spend a minute and a half imagining methodically chewing and swallowing 30 M&M candies, one after another.

When then presented with a bowl of M&Ms, those volunteers ate about half as many candies as volunteers who imagined eating only three M&Ms, or none at all, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Just thinking about a food can help sate hunger through a process called habituation, the researchers said.

Intense love can relieve pain without medicine--study

Love can act as a healing agent as a recent study by U.S. researchers, published online in the journal PLoS ONE states that love is effective in reducing chronic pain.

Zoo seeks escaped peregrine falcon

Lansing, Mich. -- A Michigan zoo said staff and volunteers are searching for a peregrine falcon last spotted near the facility's duck pond.

Potter Park zookeepers said the falcon escaped from its enclosure at the Lansing facility Friday and was last spotted Saturday at the duck pond, which is about 100 feet away from the bird of prey's enclosure, the Lansing State Journal reported Monday.

Zoo officials said the falcon does not pose a danger to the public but residents who spot the bird should not get too close as they may scare it away.

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