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You do not know, when the thermal power and hydel power are stopped being used for producing electricity. Instead a virus may take-over the power generation.

Android tops in mobile malware -- report

You must be aware that Android is a leader when it comes to smartphones, but did you know that it also tops in mobile malware?

Indian health minister says homosexuality remark was misquoted

Indian Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad recently sparked outrage among gay rights activists and the gay community with his remarks on ‘Homosexuality,’ calling men having sex with men (MSM) an unnatural "disease."

Android users upset by malware infection

In quick succession to its launch, Google’s mega-hit OS, Android-based smartphones, especially those in Russia, have come under siege by virus writers who are siphoning cash from users by directing them to download malware mimicking legitimate applications and carrying names indicating media players, online games, etc. Google, however, has declined to make any comments.

Scientists develop chickens that cannot spread bird flu

Researchers from England have claimed success in creating genetically modified chickens which do not spread bird flu.

Android phones in China face virus threat

Android smartphone users in China face threat from malicious malware that capable of transferring personal data of the users to remote computers, Lookout Mobile Security reported in its blog.

South Africa records progress in fight against AIDS--report

According to the latest U.N. Report, the spread of AIDS has decreased by 25 percent in Africa.

Virus threatens survival of British frogs

London -- A virus that makes frogs bleed to death is wiping them out in much of Britain, biologists said.

The ranavirus has killed off 80 percent of common frogs in the worst-hit areas and threatens other amphibians, a senior research fellow at the Zoological Society of London told The Sunday Telegraph.

Scientist Trent Garner said, "Many of these populations are hanging on by a handful of frogs. If the disease causes the frog populations to fall so low then so many other factors come into play that could cause local extinctions."

The researchers examined frog numbers in a selection of populations around the country where ranavirus disease has been reported since 1996.

Timely flu shot confers heart benefits too

Getting a seasonal influenza jab confers more protection than just preventing the flu. According to the findings of a new study, it lowers the risk of heart attack in the following year.

Cold virus predisposes kids to obesity

Kids who carry a virus strain that causes respiratory and gastrointestinal illness are more likely to be obese and overweight as against their counterparts who do not carry the strain, suggest the findings of a new study.