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BlackBerry confirms cancellation of its two BB10 devices

Cancellation of BB10 devices confirmed

If you are an ardent follower of BlackBerry devices, this news might seem obvious to you but it is the first time that the confirmation has been made in a formal manner. BlackBerry was required to file documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission soon after their Q3 earnings of 2014. The Wall Street Journal reports state that BB had to cancel two of their upcoming devices in order to mitigate the inventory risk that was identified by the brand.

Apple stores starts selling Retina iPad mini!

Some good news for Apple fans who want to grab the second version of the iPad mini! The much awaited Retina display iPad mini is officially on sale today.

Nokia Lumia 929 spotted in leaked photo and video

Some good news for all those disappointed that the rumored Lumia 929 didn't surface at Nokia's big event at Abu Dhabi last week!

T-Mobile says No to Huge International Roaming Charges

In an endeavour to obliterate huge international roaming charges, T-Mobile has entered into a deal that would aid in washing away such charges in more than 100 countries.

Fingerprint scanner for HTC's One Max?

Again a wave of leaked images! And now the company to have undergone the same is HTC.

Mobile Phone News: Verizon HTC One release date set for August 22

Months after it was rolled out on the other major U.S. carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) Verizon customers can finally lay their hands on the flagship HTC One smartphone.

Financial bungling biggest motivator for Cybercrime in 2012!

Hacking trends 2012

They just keep coming - no matter how secure you make your website or online store, hackers find a way out to intrude your system and do away with critical information, often leading to huge monetary loss. It has been found that more financial crimes were reported in 2012 than state sponsored hacking incidents.

Blackberry 10 phones to be launched soon on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

Blackberry 10 is among the most anticipated launches of the year

Research In Motion has partnered with top carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to launch Blackberry 10 devices by the start of February.

Why everyone with shared internet needs to fear Six Strikes

Why everyone with shared internet needs to fear Six Strikes

Major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) plan for Six Strikes should instill a fear in the hearts of anyone engaged in supporting piracy. However, what is in it that is making everyone with a shared internet connection fearful of it?

Sandy aftermath: Verizon waives data and voice charges for two week period

Verizon waives data and voice charges for two week period

For the residents of New York and New Jersey devastated by the super-storm Sandy, the news that Verizon is not going to charge them for data and voice usage for two week period is nothing short of silver lining amongst dark ‘Sandy’ clouds.