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Facebook officially denies 'Facebook Phone' rumors

After rumors of new ‘Facebook Phone’ getting ready to take on other smartphones in the market, Facebook finally on Monday released an official statement, debunking rumors, saying it has no plans to develop such a device.

Google shaves seconds from searches

Santa Clara, Calif. -- U.S. Internet giant Google said Wednesday it was launching a faster approach to searching the World Wide Web, saving users seconds per search.

Google said the new system, Google Instant, directs its search engine to offer options to users with a minimum of keystrokes.

Typing in one letter in the search box will cause a drop down menu to appear that offers a variety of possible responses to the search. With each additional letter type, the responses become more focused on the what the user is looking for.

When the appropriate option appears in the drop down menu, users can quit typing and click on the option of their choice.

The system shaves two to five seconds off of the average search, The Wall Street Journal reported.

iPhone users sexually more attractive than BlackBerry, Android phone users?

Does the smartphone you're carrying perk up your chances of attracting the opposite sex? Well, it might if you are an iPhone user.

Google closes down Google Wave

Google Inc. on Wednesday announced via a statement that it is shutting down its innovative online software application Google Wave due to its failure to generate interest among users.

Nexus One fails in smartphone market; Google to discontinue US sales

Did Google Inc. anticipate its smartphone, Nexus One, to die down so soon? Definitely not. Six months after launching its much hyped device, aimed at hotting up competition in the U.S. market, the internet search giant has called it quits.

Facebook to celebrate 500mn users with ‘Facebook Stories’

Attaining half-a-billion users is an astounding number by any standards, and the world's most popular social networking site, Facebook, seems to have accomplished this feat.

Cablevision acquires Bresnan for $1.36bn

Cablevision Systems Corp., the nation's fifth largest cable operator that offers high speed internet connection agreed to pay more than $1.36 billion for Bresnan Communications, a cable services operator whose owners include the private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.

Google's homepage experiment ends amid public backlash

When Google mimicked the image background resemblance of Bing search engine Thursday, did it anticipate its 'art of the homepage' experiment to fail so miserably? Surely it didn't.

'Quit Facebook Day' campaign not as successful as anticipated

As per a survey conducted by Media for Vision Critical, the "Quit Facebook Day" campaign started by Toronto-based web technologist duo Joseph Dee and Matthew Milan is not as hit among users as was expected.

Judiciary Committee asks Facebook, Google to cooperate in privacy settings probe

In a letter sent to Facebook and Google Inc. on Friday, the House of Judiciary Committee has asked both the companies to provide their full cooperation in the ongoing investigations into their websites privacy settings, which off late been the cause of concern for users.