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Americans Not Keen On Spending Unless There Are Discounts

In spite of being the holiday season, shoppers in US are eager to spend their cash only if they get good discounts. Even though there are positive signs that show the economy is improving, massive chain stores do not expect their customers in America to enter their malls as a part of their holiday shopping until they see a gleaming sign in red reading out discounts. So, the American shoppers tend to shop in advance when there is a discount sale and avoid going for shopping during holiday season.

Sony launches PlayStation App for iOS and Android ahead of PS4 launch

With the PlayStation 4 poised for a launch on Friday, Sony released its companion mobile app for its upcoming console today.

U.S. Economy Adds 162,000 Jobs in July

It’s been five long years since the recession of 2008 brought many economies of the world down to their knees. The return journey to stability and prosperity has been slow, painful and full of stumbling blocks.

US, China to form working group on cybersecurity

US, China to form working group on cybersecurity

In a bid to prevent hacking attacks, the US and China have joined hands to form a working group on cybersecurity and work toward more trust and cooperation in this area.

Anonymous to target President Obama’s State of Union Address

Online hactivist group Anonymous intends to take the State of Union Address off the internet. The group intends to cut off the Capitol from the web during the President’s address. This agitation is because of the lack of attention given to the issues important to the group.

Stealthy and powerful 'Red October' virus found

The virus had a unique ability to hide itself on the host PC

A stealthy and powerful computer virus which had been designed to steal classified documents across the globe has been found.

Piracy scene in China not as bad as Western media paints it to be

Digital piracy causes billion of losses to American companies every year

A top Chinese official responsible for keeping piracy in check in the country has lashed out at the Western media for painting a worse picture of the piracy scene in China than it actually is.

Microsoft announces tempting Xbox 360 offers for the holiday season

Would-be console gamers will find it hard to resist Microsoft's new offer

If you're game for console games, this should be music to your ears. Microsoft has unveiled steep price cuts for Xbox 360 consoles and attractive bundles in the US, just in time for the festive season up ahead.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible undergoes an upgrade!

The Volkswagen 2013 Beetle Convertible gets a makeover for good, just like the Beetle Hardtop.

Facebook private message rumour is 'false', site says

The rapid expansion of the virtual world has posed various threats to the privacy of an individual. In an age of the social media sites, users always have constant sense of insecurity when it comes to their private data. Facebook, one of the most accessed social networking sites has various settings when it comes to controlling user information. Users can share information with the world by making their data public or use customized settings in order to control what they share.