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Robots may speed-up recovery in stroke patients

Patients who have been left paralyzed due to a stroke do better with robotic therapy than with human physical therapists, a study presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2011 reveals.

Many theropod species were vegetarians--study

According to a new study released Monday, numerous dinosaurs’ species, previously believed to be strictly carnivores, were vegans who ate plants rather than animals.

Thinking about eating could help dieting

Pittsburgh -- Thinking in great detail about eating the foods that make you fat could make you want them less, U.S. researchers say.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh asked volunteers to spend a minute and a half imagining methodically chewing and swallowing 30 M&M candies, one after another.

When then presented with a bowl of M&Ms, those volunteers ate about half as many candies as volunteers who imagined eating only three M&Ms, or none at all, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Just thinking about a food can help sate hunger through a process called habituation, the researchers said.

Pacific whales shows evidence of pollution

Lubbock, Texas -- U.S. researchers say they've found evidence of exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides in Pacific Ocean-dwelling sperm whales.

Researchers from Texas Tech University tested tissues from whales from all five Pacific regions for DDT, the fungicide hexachlorobenzene, and 30 types of polychlorinated biphenyls, known to cause endocrine disruption and neurotoxicity, a university release said Wednesday.

"Our findings provide a unique baseline for global assessment of pollution exposures and sensitivity in the sperm whale, a globally distributed and threatened species," Celine Godard-Codding, an assistant professor at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech, said.

Research: Plants can 'remember' winter

Austin, Texas -- U.S. researchers say they've identified a molecule that helps plants "remember" winter and wait until sprint to bloom at the best time.

University of Texas researchers say the timing of blooming is critical to ensure pollination and is important for crop production, a university release said Tuesday.

One way for plants to recognize it's spring and not just a warm spell during winter is that they "remember" they've gone through a long enough period of cold, the researchers say.

"Plants can't literally remember, of course, because they don't have brains," Sibum Sung, assistant professor of molecular cell and developmental biology, says. "But they do have a cellular memory of

Milestone reached in disease research

Evanston, Ill. -- U.S. researchers say they've reached a major milestone in ongoing efforts to wipe out some of the world's most lethal diseases.

Scientists at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and Northwestern University have experimentally determined three-dimensional protein structures from a number of bacterial and protozoan pathogens, which could potentially lead to new drugs, vaccines and diagnostics to combat deadly infectious diseases, a Northwestern release said Tuesday.

Some of the structures solved by the researchers come from well-known organisms like the H1N1 flu virus and those that cause plague, cholera and rabies, the release said.

Study: Asian-American men in U.S. pay gap

Lawrence, Kan. -- U.S. employers don't pay Asian-American men as much as they pay similarly qualified white men, a University of Kansas study found.

Researchers analyzed data from the 2003 National Survey of College Graduates to investigate earnings, a university release said Tuesday.

"The most striking result is that native-born Asian Americans -- who were born in the U.S. and speak English perfectly -- their income is 8 percent lower than whites after controlling for their college majors, their places of residence and their level of education," ChangHwan Kim, assistant professor of sociology and study leader, said.

The findings show the United States has a way to go toward the goal of becoming a colorblind society, Kim says.

Indiana names Wilson football coach

Bloomington, Ind. -- Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson has been hired as the head football coach at Indiana University, the school announced Tuesday.

Wilson agreed to a deal that is to pay him $1.2 million a year for seven years.

"I am excited by the opportunity to be the head football coach at Indiana University," said Wilson, who had been with Oklahoma since 2002. "I am confident we can win here and win in the right way."

Indiana Athletic Director Fred Glass said he was "thrilled" to have Wilson on board.

Study: U.S. lagging in computer science

Pittsburgh -- As computer technologies increasingly drive world economies, America is lagging behind in offering computer science classes to its students, a study shows.

A report by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science found computer science education missing in most American elementary and secondary school classrooms, and the number of introductory and Advanced Placement courses in computer science has declined in the last five years, a university release said Monday.

"Some states and some schools are offering some really excellent courses," Mark Stehlik, co-author of the report, said.
"But overall, the picture is pretty bleak."

Indiana basketball player ruled ineligible

Bloomington, Ind. -- A basketball player at Indiana University is ineligible because he played for a pro team in France and his collegiate eligibility has expired, authorities said.

The NCAA announced Tuesday that 7-foot junior college transfer Guy-Marc Michel's five-year collegiate clock began in the fall of 2006, making him ineligible to play this season, The Indianapolis Star reported.

Michel played basketball for a French sports club team from 2005-08, and while most of that time he was on teams not considered professional, he played five games with the club's top-level team in 2007-08, the newspaper reported.

IU says he will keep his two-year scholarship and be allowed to complete his degree.