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MIT to probe Reddit co-founder's tragic suicide

Aaron was instrumental in bringing in the era of RSS and Reddit

An internal probe has been launched by the MIT to probe the tragic suicide of prominent Internet activist and Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz who hanged himself to death this Friday.

Toyota to face first trial over sudden acceleration in 2013

Toyota Motor Corp., the world's largest automaker, will be facing its first trail over sudden acceleration of vehicles in 2013, a federal judge announced Friday.

Raj Rajaratnam convicted on insider trading charges

In what can be termed as largest hedge fund insider trading case, hedge fund billionaire, Raj Rajaratnam, 53, has been found guilty of 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy.

Felony reduced to misdemeanor, Lohan released on $75,000 bail

Making news for all the wrong reasons, actress Lindsay Lohan was once again greeted by well-wishers as she earned release from a Los Angeles county jail after filing a $75,000 bail this Friday night.

Portland mom charged for circumcising baby with box cutter

A Portland mother accused of trying to circumcise her 3-month-old son has been released from jail and awaits trial for assault and criminal mistreatment charges.

CEL-SCI Investors Cheer a Bit Too Loudly

I don't usually write about the starts of clinical trials, and I've even been known to send snarky replies to PR people who pitch them to me via email. I mean, really, tell me when the thing ends; that's the data investors care about, since it drives the stock price.

Our Drug Is Better Than Your Drug

"I am highly confident that at the end of the day, when all the cards are on the table, we will be, not only the JAK1 and 2 inhibitor that is two to three years ahead of any potential competition, but that we have the best compound."
-- Paul Friedman, President and CEO of Incyte (Nasdaq: INCY).

Programmer guilty of stealing trading code

New York -- A former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. computer programmer was convicted Friday of stealing the bank's source code for its high-speed trading system.

A New York jury found Sergey Aleynikov guilty of theft of trade secrets and transportation of stolen property, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Aleynikov faces as much as 10 years in prison on the trade secrets charge, the newspaper said.

The trial focused on the complex computer programs investment banks, hedge funds and other securities firms use to maximize profits from their trading operations through almost-instant buy and sell orders intended to capitalize on minuscule differences in price.

This Fish Oil Is No Snake Oil

 Amarin (Nasdaq: AMRN) jumped 65% yesterday after releasing phase 3 data for its fish oil drug, AMR101. That sounds about right. So far, AMR101 looks like a wonder drug, and its potential is huge.


Inmate: Jail movies 'torture'

Titusville, Fla. -- A Florida jail inmate awaiting trial is accusing the sheriff of "torture" by repeatedly showing the same movies.

James Poulin, 45, who has been in the Brevard County Detention Center for four years awaiting trial on a driving under the influence-manslaughter charge, wrote a letter to Florida Today saying Sheriff Jack Parker has been making inmates watch the same handful of movies over and over during the past year.

"Parker gathered up a bunch of old (movies) he had laying around and played them over and over for the next year," Poulin wrote. "I have seen 'Black Hawk Down,' 'Pearl Harbor,' 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Battle Front' hundreds of times each, sometimes two or three times a day."