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Expedia stops sale of American Airlines tickets

Expedia Inc. has said that it will not be selling tickets online for American Airlines. The announcement is the latest in the ongoing feud between the Airlines and online travel agencies.

Boeing Is Building a Star Fleet

 According to the future history from Star Trek, Zefram Cochrane didn't perform the first "warp" spaceflight until 2063. Sadly, I suspect that few of my readers (and, almost certainly, Yours Fooly) will be around when commercial space routes to Alpha Centauri first begin. The good news, though, is that Boeing's (NYSE: BA) making good use of the 53 years it's been allotted to "make it so" ("it" being honest-to-goodness space travel). 


Traveling with Kids Made Cheap

While taking your young travelers along, the only way you can keep it cheap and hassle free is to plan in advance the minutest detail of your travel.

Airline targets Yemen-connected travelers

Toronto -- Air Canada said any passenger connected to travel to Yemen would be pulled from flights if extra screening ordered could not keep up with flight schedules.

The airline, in a memo to staff, said any resident of Yemen or passengers with connecting flights or a starting point or destination point connected to Yemen would be subjected to additional screening before being allowed to board an airplane. In addition, the airline said it would not hold planes at boarding gates to allow for the extra security measures, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Saturday.

That meant if the screening for Yemen-connected passengers took too long, the airline said they would be booked on later flights.

Air travel and fares head up for holiday

New York -- Pent up demand is apt to increase travel on U.S. airlines for the Thanksgiving holiday, industry analysts said.

"Many who stayed home for the holidays last year are hopping on a plane this year," said Chief Executive Officer Rick Seaney, The Dallas Morning Star reported Tuesday.

The Air Transport Association also predicted an increase in fliers for the holiday. The trade group said 3.5 percent more passengers will fly this year compared to a year ago for a total of 24 million.

The ATA counts a 12-day period, Nov. 19 through Nov. 30, as Thanksgiving travel.

As the number of passengers recovers from a prolonged, recessionary slump, however, fare prices are also headed higher.

Vacationing Within Budget

Vacation, the word arouses magnificent memories of times well spent in the company of our loved ones. Though money is a major consideration, it does not have to be an obstacle in your desire to go on a vacation with someone special, or enjoy a relaxing holiday all in the company of yourself.

Chinese Travel Stocks Take Different Routes (Nasdaq: CTRP) and Home Inns & Hotels (Nasdaq: HMIN) are passing ships this week, but you probably won't guess which one is heading in the right direction.

Getting a Travel Card? Watch Out For These

When traveling around the world the last thing you want to think about is money.
Unfortunately, the dirty little paper notes, coins, and plastic cards are what takes us to our dream destinations.

Spirit Airlines: Don't tax airline fees

Washington -- Luggage is "not essential" to travel, so paying $45 to place carry-ons overhead helps bag-free people fly, the head of U.S. carrier Spirit Airlines Inc. said.

"We are certain that Spirit's decision to unbundle services not essential to the transportation of passengers has enabled more passengers to fly at lower cost," Chief Executive Officer Ben Baldanza told the U.S. House Transportation Committee Wednesday. "Indeed, given our low fares, it has allowed many to travel who otherwise simply could not afford to do so."

House Democrats -- critical of airlines for increasingly charging for checked baggage, seat selection and other services -- indicated they were considering legislation to tax the revenue collected from the fees.

Google's acquisition of ITA may catch regulators' eye

Google Inc’s intention of buying out flight-information provider ITA Software Inc. for $700 million has raised new antitrust concerns for the world's largest Internet search engine.