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toilet paper

Pilot gets probation for toilet paper drop

Hackensack, N.Y. -- A New Jersey man who dropped three rolls of toilet paper from a plane while flying over a school was sentenced to probation under a deal with prosecutors.

The deal between the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office and Warren Saunders, which was entered into court Monday, requires Saunders to write a letter of apology to the mayor and council of Hackensack for the Oct. 13 incident as well as being placed on probation for an unspecified amount of time, The Record, Bergen County, N.J., reported Tuesday.

'Tube free' toilet paper headed for stores

Irving, Texas -- Texas-based paper products giant Kimberly-Clark said the first "tube free" toilet paper is on its way to stores in the Northeast United States.

The Irving company said Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper will be available Monday at Sam's Club and Walmart stores across the Northeast, and the brand may go global if sales are high, USA Today reported Wednesday.

Kimberly-Clark said the technology may also be adapted to its paper towel brands if the toilet paper is successful.

The company estimated 17 billion toilet paper tubes are produced each year in the United States, creating about 160 million pounds of garbage.

Very soft toilet paper: Becoming scarce?

Washington -- An American Chemical Society report says a growing shortage of high-quality paper for recycling is threatening the supply of soft toilet paper.

The article by Melody Voith, senior editor of the ACS journal Chemical & Engineering News, explains the decline of newspapers and magazines and the growth of electronic communications have combined to reduce the availability of good white office paper, newsprint and other traditional recyclable paper that has been used to make soft bathroom tissue.

Voith explains recycled office paper itself is containing increasing amounts of recycled paper and that, in turn, decreases its usefulness for making high-quality personal paper that is soft enough to satisfy many consumers.

Store unveils cashmere toilet paper

London -- A high-end British supermarket promises its latest brand of toilet paper, made with cashmere, is "the most luxurious yet."

Carla Smith, buyer for supermarket Waitrose, said the cashmere paper is the latest in a line that includes toilet paper with aloe vera and jojoba extracts, The Sun reported Thursday.

"Cashmere provides that stamp of quality to any fashion garment, from a designer suit to the finest luxury knitwear," Smith said. "It's indulgent, it's stylish and it's helping provide that extra softness to our new premium bathroom tissue collection."

The cashmere toilet paper retails for $3.60 for a pack of four rolls or, for the budget-conscious shopper, $7.52 for a nine-pack.

Parliament runs out of toilet paper

London -- Members of Britain's House of Commons said they had to send staff members out to grocery stores when the Palace of Westminster ran out of toilet paper.

Insiders blamed the tissue shortage on supply company KGB, which one member of Parliament said takes a "just in time" approach to restocking that failed to head off Tuesday's toilet paper crisis, The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Women's restrooms were raided for extra rolls and lawmakers sent staffers to the Tesco market across the street to purchase additional supplies.

KGB, named for owners Kevan and Gina Brown, said an emergency supply of toilet paper was taken Tuesday night to the Palace of Westminster to relieve the shortage, The Sun reported.