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Kohler Numi: toilet controled with tablet ships next month

If you are looking for a super-luxurious toilet to answer nature's call, then Kohler's upcoming smart toilet, Numi, is just for you.

Burglar hid in toilet ceiling for 2 hours

University Place, Wash. -- Police in University Place, Wash., said a restaurant surveillance camera recorded a burglar hiding in a bathroom ceiling for two hours.

Investigators said the video depicts the man, dressed in jeans and a blue hoodie, entering Captain Nemo's restaurant in University Place about 10 minutes before closing time Saturday and heading straight for the bathroom.

Police said the man hid in the bathroom ceiling for about two hours while waiting for the restaurant to empty. The footage depicts him emerging, taking $5,000 and fleeing out a back door.

Officers said they are seeking evidence from the scene and are asking for the public's help in identifying the man in the footage.

Clown robber in bathroom was no joke

Akron, Ohio -- An Ohio woman was surprised by a knife-wielding robber in a clown mask while sitting on her toilet, police said.

Cory Buckley, 20, allegedly broke into the Akron home of Jacqueline Cutright, 70, through a basement window Saturday, police told WCMH-TV in Columbus.

Cutright said the clown robber stole her car and escaped with $28 and about $1,000 worth of costume jewelry.

He demanded to know where she kept her drugs and money.

"I said, 'Boy, did you break into the wrong house," Cutright said.
Cutright feared the robber was going to take a silver bracelet a friend gave her.

Lennon's commode sold at auction

Liverpool -- A toilet reportedly used by former Beatle John Lennon sold for $18,341 to an unnamed bidder at a Beatles convention held in Liverpool, organizers say.

That's nearly 10 times what the porcelain pot was expected to bring, auction organizer Stephen Bailey told the BBC.

Lennon used the lavatory during three years he lived at Tittenhurst Park, Berkshire, between 1969 and 1972.

"It is unbelievable," Baily said after the sale. "We had bids coming in from all over the place but it went to a private overseas buyer."

The auction was part of the 33rd Beatles Convention in The Paul McCartney Auditorium at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

Officials built toilet jetty for gulls

Karlstad, Sweden -- Officials in a central Sweden city said they built a special jetty for gulls to perform their business away from local yachts.

Karlstad municipality officials said they built the dedicated lavatory jetty away from the local marina after other measures, including scarecrows, failed to stop the birds from defecating on yachts, The Local reported Thursday.

"We have built a platform -- the gulls like to sit and enjoy the view," Karlstad municipality worker Jens Gustafsson said.

He said his team will tow the jetty away from the marina Friday to see if the gulls follow.