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SBA to offer disaster loans to storm victims

Following the disaster declaration by the President Barack Obama for several counties affected by the tornadoes, storms, high winds and flooding in Tennessee, the Small Business Administration has announced Physical and Economic Injury Disaster Loans to assist the victims.

Scott Hamilton on rebound from cancer

Franklin, Tenn. -- Olympic skating champion Scott Hamilton says he is getting as back to normal as possible as he recovers in Tennessee from brain tumor surgery earlier this year.

The 52-year-old Hamilton raised more than $1 million for cancer research this month despite being on the mend for surgery on both the tumor and a later aneurysm that cost him much of the sight in his right eye.

"I tried to stay positive through all this," Hamilton told People magazine. "But in the back of my mind, I felt, 'I'm getting knocked down and I'm not sure if I can get back up.'"

Country singer Brad Paisley, a longtime friend of Hamilton, told People, "He's a hero to me in the way he handles adversity and his positive outlook on life, no matter the circumstances."

Nudity at big cat sanctuary a protest

Kingston, Tenn. -- A pair of former workers at a Tennessee big cat sanctuary admitted to being naked on the premises but denied running naked through the facility.

Jake Loftis, 22, and Samuel Adams, 26, who lived at Tiger Haven in Kingston and worked as cat keepers, said they were drinking beer naked on their porch Sept. 16 as a protest against their recent firing, the Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel reported Thursday.

However, the pair denied a claim in a police report that they "ran nude around the complex exposing themselves to co-workers."

The men said only one co-worker spotted them while they were naked on the porch of the trailer they shared at the sanctuary.

Adams admitted to ripping a railing off the porch after he had been drinking.

County weighs used undies for prisoners

Cleveland, Tenn. -- Officials in a Tennessee county are weighing the issue of whether prisoners should be issued used underwear.

Bradley County Sheriff Jim Ruth said he discussed the issue of giving prisoners used undergarments -- properly washed -- with Bradley County commissioners, WTVC-TV, Chattanooga, Tenn., reported Thursday.

Sheriff's department spokesman Bob Gault said the jail has a longstanding policy allowing prisoners to wear only jail-issued clothing. He said all items of clothing are sanitized.

The Tennessee Corrections Institute allows for the re-issuing of underwear and requires all prisoner clothing to be washed twice a week.

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Tennessee trees threatened by disease

Nashville -- A pair of scourges are threatening billions of dollars worth of ash and walnut trees, Tennessee agriculture officials say.

The emerald ash borer, a beetle, and thousand cankers disease, spread by another insect, threaten the trees, the Nashville Tennessean reported Sunday.

The beetle has already destroyed millions of trees in other states, and it recently showed up on a log at a Tennessee truck stop; thousand cankers disease was recently discovered for the first time in the state.

"We will be working closely with federal officials and other stakeholders to determine the extent of the infestation and to take steps to limit its spread," Tennessee Agriculture Commissioner Ken Givens said a prepared statement.

Obesity epidemic getting worse: CDC

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has unveiled a rather dismal report about America’s obesity. The epidemic has the nation in its grip, and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon.

Sandra Bullock uses her star-power for Nashville flood benefit

Sandra Bullock charmed a crowd of more than 15,000 people at Tuesday night's ‘Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Recovery,’ where she was a surprise guest.

Hacker found guilty of breaking into Palin’s Yahoo account

A 22-year-old college student David C. Kernel on Friday was found guilty by the Tennessee jury for wrongfully breaking into the Yahoo account of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.