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Can the Germans Save Sprint?

We already know that Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) sorely needs a white knight to ride in and save its bacon.

Is the Cliq Motorola's Ticket to Paradise?

It's official: Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has joined the Android army.

Motorola has been both public and vocal about its intentions to sell handsets based on the Android software platform, backed by Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and a consortium of tech stars. But this is the first time we’ve seen honest-to-goodness hardware from Motorola.

Sprint's Silence Is Telling

You know how Palm (Nasdaq: PALM) was supposed to save both itself and carrier partner Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) with the Palm Pre smartphone? I don't think it's happening, folks. If I were a top executive at Palm, I'd be praying that Verizon (NYSE: VZ) does a much better job marketing this gizmo than Sprint ever did.

Sprint Nextel Marries Virgin

Well, I have to say I'm a little surprised. Despite struggling to right
its own corporate ship, this morning the nation's No. 3 carrier -- Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) -- announced that it was acquiring Virgin Mobile USA (NYSE: VM) in a $483 million deal.

Will Activision Kill Sony?

The Sony (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation 3 is starting to look shaky in an otherwise brilliant video game market. I'm not sure the console will survive another year.