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Google introduces, a URL shortener

Mountain View, CA, December 15 -- Google has released their own URL shortener called “”, and challenged the supremacy of “” in this field.

Google's phone out by next year

Mountain View, CA, December 13 -- It seems like the rumors had some truth behind them after all, as Google prepares to launch its own smartphone as soon as early next year.

Yahoo and Microsoft stand united to overthrow Google

Redmond, December 12 -- The Yahoo and Microsoft deal to put their heads together in search engine technology and dethrone their main contender Google is taking shape after many talks and speculations.

Sales of XBox 360 break sales record in November

New York, December 12 -- Microsoft’s gaming console XBox 360’s sales in the month of November beat all their previous records.

Safari beats Chrome Beta in browser race

Framingham, MA, December 10 -- In an interesting turn of events, Google's Web browser Chrome, the new beta version of which was just released yesterday, lost out to Apple's Safari where browsing speed is concerned.

Google "Living Stories" to centralize news

Los Angeles, CA, December 9 -- Google, in collaboration with highly respected newspapers like The New York Times, and The Washington Post, has revealed a new online news experiment called “Living Stories”.

Google goggle launched for Android phones

Mountain View, CA, December 8 -- The announcements that came out of Google Search event recently also presented 'Google goggles'. Apart from Google's real times search, the Labs have come out with a brand new and exciting application for the Android-powered mobile phones.

Barnes and Noble's Nook: A review

Manhattan, NY, December 7 -- “Kindle Killer” is a popular name given to the new Barnes and Noble e-book reader Nook. Is it justified? Can it actually steal the market away from the e-book baron Amazon? Nook is out, and we test the truth in the claims of market analysts.

Verizon faces FCC's wrath for doubling up ETF

Washington, December 5 -- The trap to “lock in” customers has been long played in the U.S. market, and the most recent company to participate is Verizon. The result is Obama administration’s FCC coming down knocking at their door.

Google improves image search with Swirl

Mountain View, CL, November 18 -- Google has taken the experience of image search on the Internet to a whole new level with Swirl.