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Neglecting children results in bad behavior--survey

Are you neglecting your child due to hectic daily schedules? If yes, pledge not to do it anymore, as a recent survey reveals that neglecting children leads to bad behavior in schools.

Principal's bad grammar angers parents

New York -- The New York principal who sent teachers an ungrammatical e-mail should be dismissed, some parents say.

Andrew Buck, who has headed the Middle School of Art and Philosophy in Brooklyn since it opened in 2007, sent the e-mail last week to explain why he believes the school does not need more textbooks, the New York Daily News reported. The e-mail ended up being circulated to parents as well.

"Our principal denies us books and then he sends this nonsense," Paulette Brown, a nurse assistant and mother of an 8th grader, told the newspaper. "You can't understand what he's saying in the letter. He has to go."

Kids with food allergies face bullying at school--survey

Living with a food allergy is a daunting enough experience for a child but what is worse is to be picked on by school bullies for not being able to eat certain foods.

Teens fined for eavesdropping on teachers

Stockholm, Sweden -- A pair of Stockholm teenagers were fined $270 each for attempting to listen in on teachers discussing grades using bugging equipment.

Stockholm District Court heard the middle school students, who were described as in their mid-teens, found a key to the staff common room of their middle school and planted bugging equipment they purchased from a gadget shop, Swedish News Agency TT reported Monday.

Prosecutors said the girls were planning to listen in on a meeting the following day where teachers would be deciding grades.

Authorities said the teenagers' plot was revealed when one of them detailed the plan on Facebook. The court convicted them of trespass and arbitrary conduct. They were each fined $270.

Fake fall teacher banned in New York

New York -- New York education officials said a teacher who allegedly faked a fall down the stairs to avoid a performance review is no longer eligible to teach in the city.

Officials said Ilene Feldman, 33, a first-year teacher at the High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media, was caught on camera faking a fall down the stairs in an apparent attempt to get out of a scheduled classroom observation by her supervisor, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

The observation was scheduled after Feldman received a poor performance review, a report from the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation said.

Study: Personality is 'set' at early age

Riverside, Calif. -- To determine what kind of adult your child will grow into pay attention to school report cards and teachers' personality assessments, researchers say.

Teachers' evaluations of youngsters' personalities hold true 40 years later with the now middle-aged subjects behaving in ways highly consistent with their childhood assessments, a study in an upcoming issue of the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science says.

"It really speaks to the remarkable stability of personality," study co-author Christopher Nave at the University of California, Riverside says. "What people see in you as a child really does translate to behaviors that others can see throughout the majority of your life."

India to produce $35 computer device

New Delhi -- A $35 computer and access device is part of India's plan to offer affordable connectivity to students and teachers, officials said when revealing the prototype.

Officials, unveiling the inexpensive computer this week, said the price eventually would drop to $10, CNN reported.

Kapil Sibal, India's human resources development minister, said connectivity to all its colleges and universities is key for the country to achieve its education goals. India's literacy rate is 65 percent, 2001 census figures indicate.

Technical institutions involved in designing the new computer and access device are preparing to research price and quality issues, CNN said.