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swine flu

Sharp rise in intensive flu cases across Britain

In a recent upsurge, the number of confirmed cases of flu-like illnesses has more than doubled in the past week in England and Wales with school kids aged five to 14 years bearing the brunt of the infection.

Few likely to get vaccinated for swine flu this year--survey

Despite the recent swine flu outbreak that occurred last year, the number of Americans likely to get vaccinated for swine flu this year is considerable low, claim two independent studies.

Experts warn about swine flu recurrence

Gear up. Another swine flu season is here. The influenza virus infected hundreds across the nation last year, and is expected to resurge.

U.K. counts swine flu toll, costs

London -- Britain's 2009 swine flu outbreak killed 457 people and cost $1.8 billion, and the country cannot be complacent about possible future outbreaks, a report says.

The report said the death toll could have been higher but for the quick response to the pandemic and the mild nature of the disease, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

Dame Dierdre Hine, who carried out the review, said the United Kingdom's response to the outbreak was "proportionate and effective," but the experience shouldn't "lead to complacency."

"It is a bit like childbirth – when it's all over, you forget quite how serious and how difficult it all was," she said.

Reliable swine flu vaccine to be made available by US government

The urgent need for more reliable and faster vaccines was clearly highlighted by the swine flu epidemic, which had hit the nation a year ago, leading the U.S. government to take swift action.

H1N1 still active; CDC urges vaccination

If you are one of those who have not immunized themselves against H1N1 thinking that the flu season is over in the nation, and the virus no longer poses serious threat, you are wrong.

Swine flu fading away only to return this fall--WHO

The cases of swine flu may be falling but the HINI pandemic is not over yet. Currently, the virus is waning, but only temporarily. It is expected to recur the following fall, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

Be wary of swine flu: CDC

Washington, January 8 -- The dreaded swine flu virus continues to wreak havoc. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lethal influenza is still active and resulting in illness, hospitalizations and deaths.

May take a year more to surmount H1N1: WHO

Geneva, December 30 -- If the predictions of Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), are anything to go by, the world will not see the end of the lethal swine flu virus anytime soon.

Single dose of anti-swine flu vaccine enough for kids: Study

Melbourne, Australia, December 22 -- A new study from Australia has proposed that a single dose (15mg) of the anti-swine flu vaccine can provide effective resistance against the pandemic disease among infants and children.