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Touchscreen gadgets making kids inactive: Study

Kids getting physically inactive as they prefer touch screen devices

The television was, to a large extent, responsible for making the youngsters turn away from outdoor games. The kids remained indoors, were glued to the idiot box and did not indulge in any physical activity.

40% of internet users in India are women!

More and more Indian women are turning towards the transformative power of the internet! There are 150 million internet users in the nation, in which 60 million are women, according to ‘Women and Web Study’, a report released by Google India.

Datawind leads the tablet race in India

The Indian tablet market sales (unit shipments) touched over nine lakhs in the1Q (January-March) 2013 by as many as 53 domestic and international vendors, according to a survey conducted by Cyber Media Research (CMR).

71% consumers say "nothing" could lure them to buy Blackberry: Survey

Blackberry least preferred smartphone

It's another setback for BlackBerry which is trying desperately to establish a foothold in the competitive smartphone market!

Are we carrying way too many gadgets?

Phew!! This tech stuff is sure dragging people down!! It’s a well known fact that most tech lovers are unable to let go off their gadgets but some people may be taking way too many devices on their morning commute.

Apple smartphones the most reliable-- FixYa

What is the most reliable smartphone currently available? There are many gadgets to choose from: the Galaxy models from Samsung, iPhone from the Cupertino powerhouse, not to forget the Nokia or Motorola offerings. The trouble is, how do you decide which is the best one for you!!

56% cell phone owners go online via their device—Pew study

Cellular phones have rapidly become a necessity and are now the main means of communication for many people in American society.

Tablets top kids’ wish list this holiday season!!

Tablets top kids’ wish list this holiday season

Hoping to find an Apple tablet in your Christmas stocking? Well you are not alone!! As per the results of a new survey, the iPad is the most desired tech item even among children this holiday season!!

Should wealthy seniors leave an inheritance to their kids?

Some bad news for kids with well-heeled, privileged parents! Inheriting large sums of money from wealthy seniors may turn out to be just a pipe dream!

Is US losing its competitive edge in the global economy?

Thanks to an inefficient political system, faltering education system, a complicated tax code, America may be losing its competitive position in the global economy, finds a new survey conducted by the Harvard Business School (HBS).