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Students of India Relish Microsoft Office 365 University Four Year Subscription for Rs. 4199

In its bid to curb piracy, Microsoft now offers Office 365 University for the students enrolled in accredited colleges across the length and breadth of India.

Apple rolls out new discounts for iPhone in India

With the aim to create a foothold and grab a greater share of the smartphone market in India, Apple is trying new methods to try and lure more iPhone customers.

Most parents have Facebook accounts to keep tab on their kids

Unaware what your kids are up to? The largest social network, Facebook, has come under the “Parent scanner”. Results show that more than half of parents have registered on Facebook only to monitor their children’s activities.

Teacher suspended for calling first-graders 'future criminals' on Facebook

A first-grade teacher at Paterson, N.J. school district was suspended Thursday following a Facebook post criticizing her students.

Northwestern University supports live sex demo in class

Did Northwestern University psychology professor push all boundaries when he agreed to organized a sex toy demonstration in class? While the students and administration have defended the after-class live-sex presentation, Prof. John Michael Bailey is facing the wrath of parents.

Reed College website plagiarized by scammers

Those applying for colleges and universities based on the information offered online, beware! You might come across a fake website trying to cheat you off your money. This is what a fake educational institute, University of Redwood, has been accused of.

Study reports increased stress among college freshmen

A recently released survey titled, “American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010” revealed that the number of college freshmen rating themselves as having “below average” emotional health has increased significantly. The emotional health has touched its lowest in the last 25 years.

Pen down negative thoughts to excel in exams

Many students suffer from pre-test blues, which in turn sometimes severely affects grades. According to a new study, these anxiety-blues can be easily dealt with. All one needs to do is to spend 10 minutes writing down his/her fears/worries/negative thoughts related to exams.

Colleges host 'stress-busting' events

Los Angeles -- U.S. colleges are turning to bounce houses, comedy hours and "midnight munchies" parties to help students deal with pre-exam stress, school officials say.

Events both quirky and serious are being staged at campuses across the country to help students ease tension as they approach final exams with a battered economy and decimated job market in their futures, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

So in addition to extra counseling, additional library hours and dedicated quiet study areas, colleges are offering laser tag, petting zoos, karaoke parties and miniature golf, all designed to reduce stress for students worried about competition for jobs and graduate school admission along with concerns of higher tuition and loan burdens.

No charges in giant chicken theft

Athens, Ga. -- A U.S. chicken chain said it will not press charges against Georgia fraternity brothers accused of stealing its 12-foot inflatable chicken.

Zaxby's corporate officials said they decided not to press charges against two University of Georgia students after the chicken, missing since Oct. 5, was found behind their Beta Theta Pi fraternity house Saturday, the Athens (Ga.) Daily Herald reported Wednesday.

University of Georgia-Athens police said the Office of Student Conduct may still take action against the two men, who told authorities their frat brothers were unaware of the theft.