Money Matters - Simplified


Family retains control of Station Casinos

Las Vegas -- The founding family of Station Casinos Inc. likely will retain control of the Las Vegas-based company, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

A family-backed group made the only qualifying bid in an auction for part of the company, and brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta would gain control with final approval.

The Journal said Station Casinos is expected to have much of its $5.9 billion debt wiped out. The brothers had assumed $3.3 billion in debt when they took private the company their father founded with a single casino about a mile west of the Las Vegas strip in 1976.

Station, like other casino companies, has been struggling because of the economic downturn.

Astronauts in space station spacewalk

Washington -- U.S. astronauts completed a spacewalk to attach a replacement coolant tank to the International Space Station, NASA officials said.

Mission Specialists Rick Mastracchio and Clayton Anderson installed an ammonia tank weighing 1,700 pounds during a 7 1/2-hour spacewalk Sunday, NASA reported.

The tank was mounted during the second of three spacewalks scheduled for shuttle Discovery's mission to the International Space Station, NASA said.

Temporary problems with attaching bolts made the spacewalk longer than intended, leaving several additional tasks, including connecting the tank's fluid lines, uncompleted.

Those operations will be deferred to a final spacewalk on Tuesday.

Radio giant Citadel files for bankruptcy

New York, December 21 -- Nation's largest radio broadcasters, Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, filed for bankruptcy Sunday, due to decline in advertising revenues and debt problems.

Train station puts up 'No Kissing' signs

Warrington, England -- Officials at a British railway station said they erected "No Kissing" signs to stop lovers saying their romantic farewells from holding up commuters.

Colin Daniels, chief executive of Warrington Chamber of Commerce in England, said the signs were put up at the Warrington Bank Quay station as part of the facility's recent refurbishment after managers complained that amorous encounters were blocking foot traffic at the station, The Daily Mail reported Monday.

"It was all a bit of fun. But now Virgin Trains have agreed to put them up as part of the refurbishment," he said. "They may seem frivolous but there is a serious message underneath. They certainly make our station unique."

Managers at the station said amorous couples sharing passionate farewells or joyous reunions will have to keep their lip-locking limited to designated kissing areas.