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A deep-space craft dinner in space? Mars food Mission plans astronaut nourishment in space !

What about a dinner served aboard a Mars bound space craft multi million miles away from Mother Earth? At one time this was an impossible thought, but Astronauts in space flying towards the red planet, today or tomorrow are going to need loads of food for their sustenance. As weight is a big issue in space travel, cooking a meal on the space craft is going to be an extraordinary test for the astronauts on this assignment.

A watercraft catastrophe cruelly snatches ex- astronaut Poindexter from family

A holiday turned haywire for the Poindexter family when Alan Poindexter, a former space shuttle astronaut died playing around on Wave runners with his two sons. The water craft accident took place at Pensacola in Florida said the NASA reports.He had been enjoying a rollicking fun time with his two grown up sons 26 year old Zacchary and 22 year old son Samuel, in Little Sabine Bay on Sunday when the mishap took place.

Space shuttle Enterprise’s NYC flyover rescheduled for April 27

All eyes will be trained on the retiring space shuttle Enterprise which is expected to fly over New York City on Friday morning if Mother Nature cooperates.

Discovery makes final flight amidst cheering crowds

The space shuttle Discovery took off for its last journey from Kennedy Space Center early Tuesday morning for a low-altitude flyby to its final resting place at a museum.

Astronauts pack up as shuttle era nears end

After 30 years, the United States' space shuttle program is finally drawing to a close.

Atlantis shuttle computer recovers from glitch

Atlantis Space Shuttle

Astronauts on board of Atlantis space shuttle has successfully recovered one of the four main computers after a glitch caused a crash and set off the alarm on Thursday, said National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) official.

NASA astronauts complete mammoth spacewalk

Space shuttle Endeavour mission astronauts Michael Fincke and Andrew Feustel ventured outside the International Space Station (ISS) and successfully recharged a solar array coolant system. They also lubricated a solar array drive mechanism during the spacewalk.

Rep. Giffords flies to Florida to be present at Endeavor launch

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has reportedly touched down in Florida on Wednesday for the space shuttle's penultimate launch with her husband at the helm.

Space shuttle Discovery takes off on final mission

NASA's space shuttle Discovery rocketed into orbit for the final time on its mission to International Space Station (ISS) Thursday.

Discovery's main spacewalker injured in accident

In what could upset NASA's upcoming Discovery mission, Tim Kopra, an astronaut slated to launch space shuttle next month, has been injured in a bicycle accident Saturday.