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Comet ISON: The Special Comet Termed As Solar System's “Time Capsule” By NASA

Scientists across the world are monitoring the comet that has been on a journey of millions of years right from the solar system’s edge and is close to reach to the Sun. This comet is a relic that is said to have formed when the solar system evolved and astronomers expect a stunning light show when it reaches the surface of the sun. The scientists are positive that the studies on ISON, the comet would offer them several clues about the formation of the solar system and the birth of its planets in the ancient times.

NASA Releases Spectacular Video of ‘Canyon of Fire’

NASA has released a video of the 300,000km ‘canyon of fire’ on the sun’s surface that was captured on September 29.

Voyager1: Controversy over Leaving the Solar System or Heliosphere!

A study in Journal Science recently triggered the science buffs with the news that the Voyager 1 had crossed the Solar System and stepped into the Interstellar space on August 25, 2012.

NASA’S Confirmation: Voyager 1 has entered the Interstellar Space

NASA’s scientists failed to stay seated when their eyes caught hold of the oscillations of the region around Voyager 1 on their instrument. It may sound hilarious what oscillations am I talking about! But it’s about NASA’s space-of-the-art Voyager that has “touched a milestone and is on its new journey,” as dubbed by Ed Stone, the mission's chief scientist at the Nasa's jet propulsion laboratory.

NASA’s Kepler ends hunt for alien worlds!

Let’s wish Kepler a good bye folks!! NASA has finally quit on Kepler Spacecraft! The US Space administration has decided to stop making any effort to get it back working and the last attempt made at recovering the reaction wheels of the Kepler Observatory was unsuccessful and could not be fixed according to the NASA officials.

Golden shower sprinkled on Earth by dead star collision ?

Ever wondered what that goldenish glow in space is? Researchers on Wednesday said that smacking collisions years ago, between dead stars may be forging all the gold we have on Earth.

Meteor study throws light on the mysteries of the solar system

Fragments of the meteorite that fell in California

The study of a meteor that recently hit our planet is helping scientists understand our solar system better, and offering insights into the origin of life.

Scientists surprised by a mirror image solar system only ten thousand light years away

A solar system similar to ours? Is there possibility of life elsewhere? Yes, it is true, astrophysicists have discovered a solar system identically arranged like our own, ten thousand light years away from the Earth. The planets are lined up and arranged similarly to the ones in our own solar system.The sun’s equator is arranged in a line with orbital planes of the planets.

Astronomers unlocks the answer to Earth’s water puzzle

Earth was probably formed in a hotter, drier part of the solar system than previously thought, which could explain our planet's puzzling shortage of water, a new study reports.

4.5 billion years old Panguite discovered

An old piece of mineral discovered in the Allende meteorite may well be the key in understanding the formation of the solar system. The mineral has been named panguite after Pan Gu.