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solar power plants

First Solar may win govt. loan guarantees

The U.S. Energy Department has said in a letter issued on May, 10 that the three solar power plants of First Solar Inc. are very close to winning government's commitment for loan guarantees.

Not all solar power plants totally 'green'

Las Vegas-- Not all solar thermal power plants, touted for their environmental benefits, are pollution-free because they also use other fuels, U.S. experts note.

Solar thermal plants are expected to sprout up across the sunny U.S. Southwest as the nation looks for so-called green energy alternatives. But the Las Vegas Sun reported Monday some of the solar plants are designed to use natural gas or propane boilers to jump-start the units each day, releasing greenhouse gases.

While the solar plants would produce only a small fraction of the carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates natural gas-fired power plants produce, the amounts would add up for a region in which no fossil-fuel plants are planned, the Sun said.