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U.S. approves 'power tower' solar project

Washington -- The United States has approved the first large-scale solar energy project on public lands that will use "power tower" technology, government officials said.

The proposed project, to be located in San Bernardino, Calif., could produce up to 370 megawatts of clean energy, enough to power 111,000 to 277,500 American homes when it is completed in 2013, a U.S. Department of the Interior release said Thursday.

"Power tower" technology uses fields of mirrors to focus solar energy on tower receivers near the center of each array. Steam from solar boilers in the towers drive a turbine that generates electricity for the transmission grid.

3 Stocks That Blew the Market Away

Every week, I take a look at a few companies that topped their profit targets. Leaving Wall Street's pros with quizzical looks on their faces can be a good thing. It usually means that the companies have more in the tank than analysts figured and capital appreciation often follows.

Solar power triumphs in 26-hour night flight

The Solar Impulse HB-SIA has created history. The giant glider-like aircraft, whose wingspan is the same as an Airbus A340, set record for the longest and highest solar flight.

Solar energy: Enormous Ontario potential

Kingston, Ontario -- Canadian scientists say solar power production in southeastern Ontario can potentially produce nearly the same amount of power of all U.S. nuclear reactors.

The findings from the two Queen's University studies led by Professor Joshua Pearce are the first to explore the region's solar energy potential.

One study, accepted for publication in the journal Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, discovered that if choice roof tops in southeastern Ontario were covered with solar panels, they could produce five gigawatts, or about 5 percent, of all of Ontario's energy.

A Pair of Solar Surprises

After hours yesterday, we got a pair of reports out of the
solar energy space. Both
SunPower (Nasdaq: SPWRA) and
MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE: WFR)
delivered some unexpected news.

Children, women in Indian villages benefit most from solar lanterns

Washington, April 28: Lanterns powered by solar energy, that are now being promoted in India's villages as the way out of the electricity shortfall, benefit women and children the most, a new study led by an Indian American has found.

Govindasamy Agoramoorthy from Tajen University and Minna Hsu from the National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan studied the effects of solar lanterns on energy usage, household savings in terms of kerosene and electricity costs, as well as the family's quality of life.

The women in the households were interviewed a month before and again a month after the introduction of the solar lanterns.

Developer plans all-solar city

Fort Myers, Fla -- A Florida developer says he wants to build a 19,500-home city powered entirely by solar energy.

Babcock Ranch will be developed by Kitson & Partners on 17,000 acres northeast of Fort Myers, Fla. The developer said it will be the "first city on Earth
powered by zero-emission solar energy," The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

The city will include the world's largest photovoltaic power plant, to be operated by Florida Power & Light. The facility will cost about $300 million.

"We're out to prove that it works economically," developer Syd Kitson was quoted as saying. "And it's the right thing to do for the long-term solutions in this country."

First ‘solar city’ of the world to be developed soon

Palm Beach Gardens, April 10: Kitson & Partners, in collaboration with Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL), the state’s largest electric service, today announced their plan to construct the largest on-site solar photovoltaic energy facility.

Stealing from the Sun

In the wake of depleting energy resources, scientists and researchers have been looking for renewable energy. Here are the World’s 5 biggest photovoltaic solar energy projects to start stealing from the Sun by 2011 on the outside.

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