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Fox moving 'American Idol' off Tuesdays

New York -- Fox announced it is moving "American Idol" to Wednesday night and then will shift it again to Thursday starting in January.

"Idol" currently airs Tuesday, but the plan calls for the talent contest to air on both Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning in January.

The Hollywood Reporter said Fox's goal is to use "Idol" as a lead-in to its "Human Target" series on Wednesday and at the same time compete with the new CBS series "Live to Dance," which stars Paula Abdul.

Thursday is generally the highest advertising revenue night in U.S. prime time. "Idol" will also give a boost to the new Fox reality series "Million Dollar Drop." The struggling "Fringe" will be moved to Friday, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Ono: Affirm unity on Global Oneness Day

New York -- U.S. activist artist-musician Yoko Ono appealed to the world Thursday to "recognize that we are one" and show this recognition on the first Global Oneness Day.

"They say if all the people in China were to jump up and down at the same time, the axis of the globe would shift," Ono said.

Similarly, "billions of us" are "determined to shift the axis of the world to health, peace and joy by loving and caring for all lives on Earth," she said in a video supporting Global Oneness Day, to be celebrated in more than 25 countries Sunday, organizers said.

"It's time for action," Ono said. "On Global Oneness Day, let's recognize that we are one."

Bank reserve mandate could see large shift

Basel, Switzerland -- International banking regulators in Basel, Switzerland, could agree on sweeping changes that would be felt by consumers and bankers, a U.S. trade group said.

The most immediate impact would be felt if regulators and central bank policymakers agree to force banks to increase their protective reserve balances, which would take large amounts of money out of circulation and could force some banks to sell some of their riskier business operations, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The pivotal change would be for banks to hold up to 7 percent of their assets in reserve to cushion them against possible losses in the future. By contrast, the current U.S. standard for large banks is 4 percent held in reserve.

Google shifts search policy in Europe

Paris -- Google said Wednesday it will shift advertising policies in most of Europe, allowing advertisers to use brand names as part of their search codes.

The change means an advertiser can use a name like Prada as part of its identifying code, so that searches on Google are directed to the advertiser -- or a retail store carrying the brand.

The move applies to words that may be trademarked -- the name Prada, for example, The New York Times reported.

The change matches Google's policy in Europe as a whole with the policy already in effect in Great Britain, Ireland and the United States.

Summer classics signal a shift at GM

Warren, Mich. -- Classic Camaros, Pontiac Trans Ams and Corvettes took center stage at General Motors Thursday, as a sign of recovery for the U.S. automaker.

GM reinstated an annual summer ritual of inviting workers to bring in their classic cars and put them on display at the Warren Tech Center in Warren, Mich., the Detroit Free Press reported.

The annual day of company pride was canceled a year ago, when GM was in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding.

Employee and 1968 Chevy Chevelle owner Tom Hipple said, "We're as good as or better than the imports."