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Tomboys more likely to become lesbians -- study

Does your daughter act like a tomboy? If yes, chances are that she might grow up to be a lesbian, a new study suggests.

Tearful Oprah denies she's lesbian, admits Stedman is her lover

American television queen Oprah Winfrey has cleared the long-simmering rumors about her sexuality. In an interview that aired Wednesday on ABC, the media-mogul queen opened up about her relationship with close friend Gayle King and persistent rumors that they are lesbian.

Marie Osmond opens up about son's suicide on 'Oprah'

The U.S. entertainer Marie Osmond, whose young son died earlier this year, opened up for the first time about her son’s suicide death to Oprah Winfrey, according to U.S. tabloid reports.

Kristen Stewart gets stripper's job offer!

Kristen Stewart is taking on more realistic roles after final installment of her hit vampire series. The popular Bella of ‘Twilight’ will don the role of a teen runaway-turned-stripper in her new flick ‘Welcome to the Rileys.’

"Roseanne" star Sara Gilbert comes out as lesbian

After years of speculation, actress Sara Gilbert has finally acknowledged publicly that she’s a lesbian.

Jailbird Lohan in isolation following "hysterical fit"

Scandalous starlet Lindsay Lohan's days are never drama-free. The drama queen is generating headlines even in jail- she had a "hysterical fit" in her California prison after being taunted by fellow cons about her sexuality.

MJ's alleged gay lover, doctor getting death threats from incensed fans

The saga of Michael Jackson doesn’t seem to end with his death instead it got another major twist when a U.S. man claimed he was in a gay relationship with the Thriller maker, up until the singer’s tragic death in June, 2009.

Ricky Martin finally admits, 'I am gay'

After years of fighting off rumors about his sexuality, Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin has finally confirmed what many people had speculated, saying, "I'm Gay."

Amy Winehouse's shocking revelation: I am bisexual

Los Angeles, February 1 -- British soul singer Amy Winehouse is bisexual, at least according to her friends who claim she has confessed to them that she has had relationships not only with men but also with women as well.