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"No" CISPA! Reddit, Craigslist, 300,000 more sites firmly refuse bill

Don’t sacrifice privacy without improving the security, yell the Internet activist organizations. These are pleas made to the Congress as the CISPA, the controversial cyber security bill, sees the light of the day again.

Wikipedia to go offline for 24 hours in protest

Students do your homework early as Wikipedia is going offline for 24 hour in protest of anti-piracy laws in the US on Wednesday.

Republicans pushing through measures to curb rights of unions in Wisconsin

In a 18 to 1 vote, Republicans in the Wisconsin state senate have passed the measures curbing the rights of the public sector unions.

Senate to scrap NASA's moon program

NASA's moon programme will come an end with a bill passed by Senate

The ambitious moon program of NASA will come to an end with the passage of a bill by the Senate directing NASA to work on a heavy lift rocket capable of going on long distance missions, may be up to Mars.

Debate on Bush tax cuts rages

Stage is set for a battle. The moot point is the expiring Bush Tax Cuts. The stakes are high as the congressional elections are to be held in November.

Legislation passed to prevent ‘taxpayer funded bailouts’

After the severe economic recession that had the major economies of world wobble in the last couple of years, the U.S. Senate gave a go-ahead to the landmark overhaul legislation aimed at preventing a repeat.

Obama pushes Senate to pass Wall St. bill

Washington -- U.S. President Obama called on the Senate to quickly pass Wall Street reform legislation Tuesday, crediting Republican senators for supporting the legislation.

"What members of both parties realize is that we can't allow a financial crisis like this one that we just went through to happen again," Obama said in the White House Diplomatic Room after meeting with Senate Democratic leaders about the legislative agenda before the congressional break in August. "This reform will prevent that from happening."

Republican Sens. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine, have signaled they would join Democrats on Wall Street reform, The Hill reported.

House gives go-ahead to reforms bill, Senate to vote in mid-July

The much awaited overhaul of financial regulations hit another temporary stumbling block when the Senate leaders postponed a vote on the bill even as the U.S. House of Representatives approved the landmark legislation Wednesday.

Jobless aid extension blocked again

The adage ‘third time lucky’ did not hold true for the legislation extending unemployment benefits through November.

Senate passes financial reform measure

Washington -- The U.S. Senate Thursday passed financial regulation reform legislation supporters said is meant to prevent a repeat of 2008's financial meltdown.

The bill passed 59-39 hours after the Senate voted to end debate on the measure, which would give the government greater powers to regulate banking and financial markets.

The bill, which must be reconciled with similar legislation passed by the House in December, gives new responsibilities and authority to federal agencies including the Federal Reserve, The New York Times reported.

The earlier cloture vote was 60-40, with freshman Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., among those Republicans joining most Democrats in voting to end debate and proceed to a vote.