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LiLo worried about finances, can't afford rehab

Lindsay Lohan got away with a lenient sentence at the court, but the actress is worried about her finances post the sentence.

Lindsay Lohan willing to enter rehab again?

Lindsay Lohan can afford an insanely high cost to elude jail but it seems the troubled starlet can no more afford to carry on with her untamed lifestyle. She has decided to enter the rehab again, this time on her own will.

LiLo gets bashed by waitress for partying with Danny Cipriani

Lindsay Lohan was out there for a birthday bash but instead got a bashing. The starlet was, on her 24th birthday celebrations, punched by a waitress at L.A. club Voyeur early Friday morning.

Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet, urine test contradictory

Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM (secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring) ankle monitor and her urine test conducted later told two opposing tales the night of the MTV Awards.

Lindsay Lohan fails to resist alcohol; escapes arrest

Lindsay Lohan had to pay a heavy price for alcohol, but it seems she still cannot resist it. The court-ordered alcohol-monitoring bracelet worn by Lohan since last month, recently suggested that she had been drinking.

Lindsay Lohan finds alternatives to alcohol

Lindsay Lohan is finding alternatives to alcohol; she has now turned to caffeine. The troubled starlet has been gulping down can after can of Red Bull energy drink, after she was banned by the court from taking alcohol.