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Coming soon: 'Talking' cars that detect obstacles kms ahead

After Google’s ‘driverless’ car and Terrafugia Inc.'s ‘flying’ car, now ready to hit the road are "Talking" cars! If a team of Italian scientists is to be believed, 'talking' cars will soon become a reality and not merely science fiction.

EU leads world in 'clean' diesel fuel use

Houston -- The European Union leads the world in reducing sulfur in on-road diesel fuel as industry and policymakers push for ongoing reductions, a report says.

The International Fuel Quality Center has updated its ranking of the top 100 countries based on sulfur limits and says Sweden and Germany remain first and second, a release by Hart Energy Publishing says.
Japan is third, the report says.

The IFCQ ranked the United States 41st, behind Canada at 40th.

The European Union has limited sulfur in diesel fuel to 10 parts per million since January 2009.