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RIM to launch Blackberry 10 in a matter of hours

Will Blackberry 10 revive RIM?

Research In Motion is finally about to take the wraps off its new line of phones based on Blackberry 10 OS.

Blackberry 10 might make its way into smartphones of other manufacturers

Can you imagine a Blackberry 10 device from Samsung?

According to the CEO of Research In Motion, Blackberry 10 might get licensed to other manufacturers.

RIM shares make a sharp jump, thanks to an influential analyst

Excitement around the launch of Blackberry 10 is at its peak

With the release of Blackberry 10 looming large, shares of Research In Motion shot up appreciably after an influential analyst got impressed with the new devices.

Blackberry 10 phones to be launched soon on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

Blackberry 10 is among the most anticipated launches of the year

Research In Motion has partnered with top carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to launch Blackberry 10 devices by the start of February.

Blackberry shares and popularity on the decline

Blackberry shares dcline

The shares of Research in Motion fell by about 10 percent as the maker announced a slump in its subscriber base and a revised fee structure for its services.

New BlackBerry sets may or may not launch before March 2013

Officials at RIM have indicated a possible launch by Feb-Mar next year, however they deny declaring an official date.

Tech Update: Blackberry 10 wins critical US security clearance

Blackberry 10 wins important US security clearance

Big news is churning out almost every other instant and we can simply never have enough of it. Research In Motion wins key security clearance for its upcoming smartphone Blackberry 10.

RIM fined $147.2 million over patent violation lawsuit

In a patent dispute, Research In Motion (RIM) is said to have infringed upon Mformation Technologies said a San Francisco court on Friday.

RIM delays launch of Blackberry 10

The latest decision of Research In Motion Ltd (RIM) to postpone the launch of its new phones considered as imperative to the company's survival, suggests that the Blackberry manufacturer is degenerating faster than thought.

RIM set to cut at-least 2,000 jobs--Reports

According to news surfacing in Canadian newspapers RIM (Research in Motion) is set to cut atleast 2,000 jobs across the department in lieu of its global restructuring efforts.