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Earth has another moon -- study

Earth has always had two moons orbiting it at any one time, claims a new study.

Power Talk: mobile phones could soon be charged by voice

Mobile phone battery dead and unable to find a charger? Well, this will soon became a thing of the past as researchers have devised a way to charge phones simply with sound.

Scientists nearing breakthrough in erasing painful memories

Are ghosts of traumatic memories haunting you, and all you wish is a way out? Well, this could soon become a reality, as scientists claim that they are closer to a breakthrough that could wipe out painful memories from our brains.

Sleep deprived brains doze off while you are awake--study

Have you ever absent-mindedly put salt in tea or coffee instead of sugar? If so, blame it on certain parts of the brain that might have gone offline, states a new study.

Botox may make you insensitive to others' emotions-study

Botox might erase facial wrinkles and make your skin appear fresh and youthful, but it could also dampen your ability to understand emotions of others, warns a new study.

Cranky babies may make problem children--study

Babies do cry and it's normal, but watch out for persistent crying, as a new study states that infants who cry excessively and have problems with sleeping or feeding are at higher risk of suffering from behavioral problems when they grow up.

Feeling embarrassed a sign of healthy brain--study

Do you often feel embarrassed? If so, cheer up, as it is one of the signs that your brain is still healthy, finds a new study.

100% fruit juice as healthy as fruits--study

Drinking fruit juice is as healthy as eating whole fruits, claims a new study.

World's oldest known gay caveman found in Czech Republic

Homosexuality might still not be legal in many nations, but the sexual orientation seems to date back to the Stone Age.

Antidepressants may up heart attack risk--study

Depression is considered to be heart attack risk factor. Now researchers have found that antidepressants are also not safe for heart.