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Amygdala size determines social network--study

Ever wondered how some people smoothly manage large and complex web of social contacts in their while others struggle with even few? According to a new study released recently, an almond-shaped nuclei group (called amygdala) situated in the medial temporal lobes of the brain might be the reason behind some people’s bustling social life.

Many theropod species were vegetarians--study

According to a new study released Monday, numerous dinosaurs’ species, previously believed to be strictly carnivores, were vegans who ate plants rather than animals.

Whales suffering severe skin burns from UV rays--scientists

As per the researchers of a new study, whales’ skin is bearing the brunt of thinning ozone layer as they are now being continuously exposed to sun’s harmful ultra violet rays, resulting in severe sun burns, blisters and lesions.

Intense love can relieve pain without medicine--study

Love can act as a healing agent as a recent study by U.S. researchers, published online in the journal PLoS ONE states that love is effective in reducing chronic pain.

Just like humans, dogs too can be pessimistic‎--study

As per UK researchers, just like human beings, dogs too have the tendency to be pessimistic in their outlook towards life, especially when left home alone by the owner.

Women more likely to believe in climate change than men--study

Challenging the age old belief that men understand science better, a new study has revealed that women not only have a good understanding of science but are also more likely than men to believe in climate change science.

New species of microbe in Gulf degrading oil faster--study

As per a study released on Tuesday by the researchers of California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a new species of microbe found in the undersea waters of Gulf of Mexico is degrading oil faster at the deeper and colder depths.

More Americans using laptops and cell phones to surf internet—Pew report

According to a new research study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project titled “Mobile Access 2010”, with each passing year more and more Americans are gaining access to internet via mobile devices like a cell phone or a laptop.

Chimpanzees kill neighbors to acquire more territory--study

According to the researchers of a new study published in an online journal 'Current Biology' on Monday, chimpanzees wage war on their neighbors and wipe them off in order to expand their territory furthermore.