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Speaking second language may delay Alzheimer's--study

Here's another benefit of learning a new language. Being bilingual not only improves your linguistic and meta linguistic abilities, it may also delay Alzheimer's, researchers find.

Boozing means more disrupted sleep for women--study

Women consuming alcohol around bedtime for a good night's sleep should think twice. A drink or two might help you doze off but as the night passes by, it may prove more disruptive for them than men, states a new study.

Robots may speed-up recovery in stroke patients

Patients who have been left paralyzed due to a stroke do better with robotic therapy than with human physical therapists, a study presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2011 reveals.

Women attracted to men whose feelings they are unsure about

You can never really tell what women want sometimes, and their preferences really seem to confuse many men. Well, a latest study published in 'Psychological Science' offers some clues to men.

Tonsil surgery may make kids obese--study

Think twice before getting your child's tonsils removed, as a new research states that kids who undergo the surgery are more likely to gain weight.

Want to boost memory in old age? Exercise, says study

Here's one more reason to continue exercising in old age. It not only ensures fitness, but also keeps age-related memory loss at bay, states a new research.

Vitamin D deficiency may reduce lung size, hamper function

If deficiency diseases like rickets in infants and children and osteomalacia in adults are not reason enough for you to ensure sufficient intake of viatmin D, this should. Deficiency of vitamin D can affect lung structure and function, states a new study.

Fox may have been prehistoric man's dog--study

Fox as human pets? Sounds strange, isn't it? But early man may have preferred the company of fox to dog, states a new archaeological study.

Turning up thermostat may make you fat--study

Gained unwanted pounds this winter, and wondering how? Your centrally heated rooms could be responsible, say researchers.

Heavy smoking ups breast cancer risk--study

Here's another reason why women should quit smoking. Apart from causing heart attack or lung cancer, puffing the smoke increases breast cancer risk.