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Toenails can tell if you will develop lung cancer

Your toenails can predict your risk for lung cancer, according to findings of a recent study carried out by researchers from the University of California-San Diego Medical Center and Harvard School of Public Health.

Cereal breakfast makes for a healthy day--study

A bowl of cereal with milk is the best and the healthiest breakfast choice, states a new study.

Exercise cuts down craving for Marijuana

Are you hopelessly addicted to marijuana? Perhaps exercise can help.

Your voice reveals your faithfulness to partner

As bizarre as it may seem, a new study has found that humans can predict if their partners will cheat by listening to their voices.

Washing vagina with soap linked to HIV infection--study

Ever thought that some of your intravaginal practices could expose you to the dangers of HIV infection? A new study warns that using soap in vagina may increase the risk of acquiring HIV infection.

Proper wound cleaning may speed-up recovery--study

The next time your kids graze their knees and bruise elbows, ensure to clean their wounds before applying an antibiotic cream, as a new study states that timely and proper cleaning might lead to quick recovery.

Farm kids less susceptible to asthma--study

Kids raised in farms may be more exposed to germs, but the same works in their advantage as exposure to several types of dirty bacteria shields them against asthma and other allergies compared to their suburb-dwelling counterparts, states a new study.

Moderate drinking good for heart--study

Fond of drinking? If so, here's another reason to raise a toast to good health, as moderate amounts of alcohol is good for heart, claim two reports.

Amphetamines use ups Parkinson's risk in later life--study

Have you been prescribed amphetamines to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), brain injuries, or narcolepsy ? If so, think twice before taking it as risks might outweigh the benefits.

Pre-run stretching doesn't protect against injuries--study

You might have been advised to stretch before a work out or long run to reduce the risk of injury, but this doesn't hold true, according to a new study.