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NASA News: 1800s Glacier Retreat from Alps Diagnosed by NASA Team

A team of scientists has discovered the "something" missing from the equation of previously conducted 1800s glacier retreat study. The conflict in the data of glaciologists and climatologists of Alps seems to be resolved after this endeavor by NASA.

Alert ! Facebook inefficient in protecting your identity

Research shows anybody can reveal your identity by just a simple search in the text box!

Is your smartphone ruining your relationship?

BlackBerrys, iPhones and Android devices are brilliant tools of technology that have made life easier, but they may be having a negative effect on time spent with loved ones!!

Dairy farming prospered at least 7,000 year ago

Milk that has been glorified as a wholesome balanced diet in the modern era.But it has been a safe and reliable food source for a very long time claims a new research.

Scientists discover organ responsible for large size and eating capacity in whales

Canadian scientists have recently identified a sensory organ in whales that explains their feeding mechanism and their large size.

Milky Way’s Black Hole Consuming Large Asteroids

A giant Black Hole situated at the center of our galaxy is eating asteroids and emitting huge flares daily according to the astronomers.

Earth has another moon -- study

Earth has always had two moons orbiting it at any one time, claims a new study.

Hackers steal car via SMS

Gone are the days when cars were stolen by breaking windows or rewiring the engine, high-tech thieves are now becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to auto theft.

Now a mathematical model to predict how tattoos age

Do you love getting inked? Well, a latest study reveals the appearance of your tattoo in years to come.

Sleep deprived brains doze off while you are awake--study

Have you ever absent-mindedly put salt in tea or coffee instead of sugar? If so, blame it on certain parts of the brain that might have gone offline, states a new study.