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6 Dividend Stocks Making Moves

Many investors rely on dividend stocks to pay them regular income and provide solid growth over time. Given how many stocks don't pay a dividend at all, it's impressive for a company to be able to maintain and increase their dividend payments over time. Being able to grow steadily through good times and bad is truly a mark of success, and it takes that kind of growth to support dividend payments even during recessions and slowdowns.

Russia to allow some U.S. poultry imports

Moscow -- Russia will allow poultry imports from 68 U.S. companies whose production meets Russian requirements, the country's Agriculture Ministry said Monday.

However, a ban will remain in place on 19 other companies that haven't met Russia's sanitation demands, RIA Novosti reported.

Poultry from the United States, about 600,000 tons for 2010, account for nearly 80 percent of poultry imports to Russia, the ministry said.

'Cathy' comic to end after 34 years

New York -- U.S. writer-artist Cathy Guisewite has announced plans to end her "Cathy" comic strip in October after 34 years so she can spend more time with her family.

"After almost 34 years of meeting newspaper deadlines, I'm facing some personal deadlines whose requirements simply exceed my ability to procrastinate any longer: an 18-year-old daughter who needs a full-time mom to help her through her last year of high school and beyond ... beloved parents I want to be able to visit more often ... and a creative biological clock, which is urging me to try something else while I can," CNN quoted Guisewite as saying in a statement.

Guisewite's comic strip has run in 1,400 newspapers and spawned more than 30 "Cathy" books, CNN noted.