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Google could roll out paid subscription channels on YouTube : Reports

With the aim to finance a broader range of content and add secondary revenue stream to the digital video market leader, Google-owned YouTube, the world’s largest video service is about to embrace “paywalls”!

Apple's iPad 2 launch results in feud at Beijing retail store

Internet is ablaze with reports from Beijing, China stating that a near-bloody altercation broke out among crowds lined up to buy the iPad 2 at Beijing's flagship Apple retail store.

MySpace to cut employee strength by 47%

Social networking site MySpace announced Tuesday that it is going to reduce its workforce by nearly 50 percent as part of restructuring efforts of the site.

Solar Costs Getting Harder to Cut

 The fight for lower costs in solar is a never-ending battle. Those who can lower costs will survive; those who can't are headed to the scrap heap. So every quarter we watch to see where costs are trending and who is moving into a better position in the industry. Where do we stand right now?


Swedish region powered by organic waste

Kristianstad, Sweden -- Powered by food waste, manure and cooking oil, a Swedish city has drastically cut its fossil fuel consumption.

Kristianstad and its surrounding county, with a population of 80,000, burn practically zero oil, natural gas or coal for heating, The New York Times reports. Twenty years ago, all its heat was derived from fossil fuels.

The agricultural region generates energy from ingredients such as potato peels, manure, used cooking oil, stale cookies and pig intestines. A plant outside Kristianstad uses a biological process to convert the refuse into biogas, a form of methane, which is then burned to produce heat and electricity, or is refined as a fuel for cars.

No talks on Focus Features sale to Gores

Hollywood -- Universal Pictures denied media reports that it was in negotiations to sell its specialty film division Focus Features

A Universal representative told The Hollywood Reporter the reported talks with investors Alec and Tom Gores had not gone past an informal proposal and, according to The Reporter's sources, no discussions about a potential deal were scheduled.

Focus Features was behind this year's release "The Kids are Alright" and scored its biggest success in 2005 with "Brokeback Mountain."

The Reporter said Saturday that while Focus runs its own releases, it is tied to Universal for financing, administration and ancillary

Sterger mulls taking Favre evidence public

New York -- Former New York Jets sideline host Jenn Sterger may make her alleged harassment evidence against quarterback Brett Favre public, her manager said Tuesday.

Amid reports that the NFL won't sanction Favre for allegedly sending sexually explicit cellphone photos to Sterger two years ago, her manager, Phil Reese, told Sterger is willing to release "extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment" if the league won't sanction Favre.

"No matter what happens, Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public ... if the NFL doesn't clear her name," Reese told the Web site.

Man says car hit by flying airplane part

San Diegeo -- A California man says an egg-shaped object that broke the windshield of his Honda appears to be a part from a passing plane.

David Sawyers, 25, says the object could not have been dropped from a bridge and was too big to have been set into motion by a car or truck, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. He said he plans to report the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration.

"I don't think it is right for airplane parts to fly out of the sky and damage people's vehicles," he said.

Sawyers of Santee and a friend, Claire Maloney, were on State Route 163 in San Diego's Kearny Mesa neighborhood Saturday afternoon when the object hit the car. Sawyers described it as "egg-shaped but bigger than a softball."

Yankees, Jeter come to terms

NEW YORK, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- The New York Yankees and Derek Jeter announced Tuesday they have worked out a three-year deal with the veteran shortstop having a fourth-year option.

The team isn't saying how much it will pay Jeter to stick around but earlier reports said he was looking for at least $51 million.

The Yankees paid Jeter $189 million over the past 10 years.

Jeter, 36, batted a career-worst .270 with 10 home runs and 67 RBI in 2010 but won his fifth Gold Glove and scored 111 runs.

"We didn't want him going anywhere," Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said. "This was a long negotiation like they always are.
This was one of the big topics for this particular winter."

Team Manager Joe Girardi called Jeter "a true Yankee."

Report: Eva Longoria not adopting

Los Angeles -- U.S. television actress Eva Longoria is not adopting a child from Haiti, contrary to reports claiming she is, a source told Monday.

The "Desperate Housewives" star recently announced she is divorcing Tony Parker, her husband of three years.

Longoria, 35, has accused Parker, 28, of infidelity.

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