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Faith in U.S. recovery looks weak

New York -- More U.S. consumers are concerned the economic recovery will sour further before it solidifies than consumers with an optimistic outlook, a recent poll found.

In a survey conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion, of 1,013 respondents, 86 percent indicated they believed the economy was in poor or very poor shape -- respectively, 57 percent and 29 percent.

Sixty-one percent indicated their own financial situation was in poor shape, while 20 percent indicated their personal finances were in very poor shape, the survey found.

More consumers indicated the economy was getting worse than those indicting it was getting better -- 26 percent, compared with 18 percent.

Poll: Pessimism increases in Britain

London -- British consumers are more pessimistic about their economy than they were two months ago, a survey released Thursday said.

In a recent survey of 2,008 British adults, 88 percent of respondents indicated the economy was in "poor shape," Angus Reid Public Opinion said.

In addition, 64 percent of the respondents indicated their own financial situation was "poor," 4 percentage points higher than a May survey.

In May, 20 percent of respondents indicated they believed the economy was going downhill. In the current survey, 34 percent indicated the economy was deteriorating.