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Woman StumblesUpon a romantic marriage proposal

The internet doesn't quite lend itself to expression of romance and affection, but when a guy pulls off a cool proposal on the Web and does it just right, it can be pretty spectacular.

Groupon turns down Google’s $6bn acquisition bid?

The market is abuzz with speculations that the founder of Groupon (an internet-coupon provider service) Andrew Mason has turned down search giant Google’s reported $6 billion acquisition proposal.

Summit on tigers produces agreement

St. Petersburg, Russia -- Governments of 13 countries where the world's tigers still live, meeting in Russia for a wildlife summit, say they've endorsed a proposal to save the big cats.

Delegates to a summit in St Petersburg, Russia, agreed on plans intended to double the number of tigers by 2022, the BBC reported Wednesday.
The countries say they will focus on protecting tiger habitats, addressing poaching and illegal trade and providing the financial resources for the efforts.

Tiger numbers have dropped in the last 100 years from about 100,000 to less than 3,500 tigers in the wild today, with a 40 percent decline in just the past decade, and some populations could disappear within the next 20 years, conservationists say.

Ring plunges during proposal

Des Niubes, Wash. -- A Washington state man who proposed to his girlfriend on a marina pier said he accidentally dropped the ring into the water.

Travis Pittman, who popped the question to girlfriend Kim Hopper on a pier near the Des Moines Marina, said he attempted to put the ring on Hopper's finger after she accepted the proposal, but he lost hold of the ring and it fell, KING-TV, Seattle, reported Wednesday.

Pittman, a Web producer for KING-TV, said the ring took a "bizarre bounce" by Hopper's shoe and plunged into Puget Sound.

The future groom said a scuba diver has offered to search with an underwater metal detector.

China turns down Geithner proposal

Beijing -- China's vice foreign minister said balancing U.S. and Chinese trade accounts was not an appropriate topic for the upcoming Group of 20 nations summit.

Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai told reporters, "We hope to see more balanced current accounts, but this may not be a good approach to single out this issue and put too much attention to it," China Daily reported Saturday.

In a pre-summit meeting of financial leaders in South Korea, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner proposed setting trade surpluses or deficit limits on current accounts at 4 percent.

Current accounts are a broad measure of a country's international trade.

G20 leaders are scheduled to meet Nov. 11-12 in Seoul.

Government agencies seeking permission to kill gray wolves

Gray wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act in the United States, however, that’s not stopping many government agencies from seeking permission to kill the animal.

Rotten Bay locals like their name

Boston Island, Australia -- The local council of Rotten Bay, Australia, says it is disappointed the citizenry wasn't behind a proposal to change the name of the community.

The council had thrown its weight behind Bluefin Bay as a better monicker for their Boston Island community, but has since decided to withdraw the proposal due to local opposition.

Mayor Peter Davis, who owns Boston Island, indicated to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this week that he was particularly mystified because Rotten Bay isn't even a formal place name.

Minn. Vikings stadium proposal unveiled

St. Paul, Minn. -- State legislators Monday announced a proposal for a $791 million fixed-roof stadium for the Minnesota Vikings that would tax lodging and sports memorabilia.

Saying the proposal would tax only Vikings fans and those who use the facility, State Rep. Tom Bakk revealed a bill to finance a new stadium partly through $527 million raised via a 6.8 percent tax on sports jerseys and a 1.5 percent tax increase on Twin Cities-area lodging, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

Its Official: Carrie Underwood engaged to hockey star Mike Fisher

Los Angeles, December 22 -- Award-winning singer Carrie Underwood and her Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher are engaged to be married. The Canadian hockey player reportedly popped the big question to the country crooner Sunday in Ottawa and Underwood has happily accepted the proposal.