Money Matters - Simplified


Banning Short Selling Is an Act of Desperation

In late May, Germany banned naked short selling of eurozone government bonds and shares in 10 leading German financial institutions. It struck me as futile attempt to prevent the inevitable.

Is Now the Right Time to Buy?

Every investor's dream is to buy shares of their favorite stock at the exact moment they hit bottom. Often, though, trying to time the purchase of a stock as it falls leaves you with sizable short-term damage to your portfolio. And if you don't have nerves of steel, you can end up with a big permanent loss on your investment.

The Coming Bubble of 2010, and How to Avoid It

Even though it has been barely two years since the latest investing bubble burst, sending the stocks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to their knees, there's yet another bubble forming. And I believe it will burst this year.

Toyota posts $1.2B profit in Q1

Amid the troubles related to vehicle recalls, here comes some good news for the beleaguered Toyota Motor Corp. Benefiting from the global market recovery, the Japanese automaker has returned back to profit in the last quarter of its fiscal year.

Nintendo reports fall in full year net profit

Hammered by weak sales of its game consoles, Nintendo Co Ltd., the Japan-based video game giant, has reported fall in the full year net profit.

Advertisements, cable fee boost Time Warner profits

Time Warner Inc. reported a 10 percent jump in its first-quarter profit, courtesy strong advertising revenue and better home video sales.

SAP reports 97% rise in net profit in Q1

Benefiting from global market recovery and rise in corporate spending on software, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), a market and technology leader in business management software, reported rise in profit for the first quarter this year.

Apple posts strong quarterly results; clocks $13.50bn revenue

Backed by increase in sales of its various devices, Apple Inc. has reported rise in revenue and net profit for the quarter ended March 27, 2010.

UnitedHealth reports 21% rise in Q1 earnings

Surpassing analysts’ expectations, UnitedHealth Group Inc., the largest insurer in the nation, has reported 22 percent increase in its earnings for the first quarter, ending March 31.

Google reports rise in revenue in Q1

Regaining momentum with the markets recovering the world over, Google, the internet search giant, reported growth in revenue and profit for the first quarter ending March 31.