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Best Buy cuts Nook Color price ahead of rumored tablet launch

In a move signaling that Barnes & Noble Inc. (B&N) is launching a new Nook gadget Monday, Best Buy Co. has cut the price of Nook Color by $50.

Nintendo to upgrade Wii systems, offer Sports Resort, MotionPlus

Nintendo is leaving no stone unturned to make it big in the video game industry, which is on its road to recovery after being hit by recession.

Nintendo takes lead as holiday season kicks in

New York, December 1 -- As the gaming industry is gearing up for strong sales this holiday season, Nintendo has already marked the start.

Amazon slashes Kindle price, announces global version

New York, October 7 -- In an attempt to maintain its commanding lead amid rising competition in the electronic reader market, Amazon has cut the price of its popular e-reader, Kindle.

Nintendo slashes Wii price to bolster sales

New York, September 24 -- In order to maintain its commanding lead in the gaming industry, Nintendo Co. on Thursday announced that it will cut price of its popular Wii console following cutthroat competition from Sony and Microsoft.