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postpartum depression

New dads may spank babies to vent depression--study

It's known that just like new moms, new dads can also suffer from baby blues. Now a new study states that fathers experiencing postpartum depression are more likely to spank their babies.

Screening new moms for depression may prevent problems in children

Screening new mothers for depression can help prevent a host of problems in their children, reveals a new clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

No health benefits of fish oil for moms-to-be and babies

Pregnant women is often encouraged to take fish oil supplements in order to boost baby’s cognitive development. But a new study has found evidence that taking fish oil capsules during pregnancy neither helps reduce woman’s risk of post-natal depression, nor does it assist baby's cognitive development.

Dads may also get the baby blues

New moms are known to suffer baby blues after delivery. But results of a new study highlight that even new dads suffer from postpartum depression, at times equally debilitating as their partner’s.