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How This Legendary Investor Is Playing QE2

 "Our extraordinary times offer extraordinary opportunities, but as with most opportunities, there will be winners and losers." So begins legendary macro investor Paul Tudor Jones ' October investor letter. Jones runs Tudor Investments, one of the largest macro hedge funds in the world, where he makes top-down bets about how markets will move. In his letter, he sets out what he believes is going to happen to the markets as a result of the Federal Reserve's second round of quantitative easing, aka QE2. He then lays out how he is going to play that trend.


Onstage suicide: concertgoer jumps to his death at Swell Season show

A Swell Season outdoor concert turned out to be a major shock event Thursday when a concertgoer jumped to his death and landed right on the stage.

Willis happy playing the hero

Chicago -- Hollywood star Bruce Willis hasn't played many villains for more than two decades, and says he's happy being the hero.

"I played a bad guy in 'The Jackal,'" Willis, 55, told the Chicago Tribune.
Willis was in Chicago promoting Sobieski Vodka. "I don't feel like I'm missing out. I guess I have fun doing what I'm doing. I get to pretty much do what I want. And I keep getting asked back."

The story said it appears Willis will be replaying the role of John McClane in a fifth "Die Hard" movie. The most recent film in the franchise was 2007's "Live Free or Die Hard."

"There's a script that I think is going to be turned in this Friday. I hear good things about it," Willis said.